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I think the censor might be a bit too aggressive. It's detecting naughty words where there are none. 


If you type something that just so happens to contain a bad word. For example the plural of buff contains the letters ff - s, or "for **** sake". The forum detects that and censors it to bukitten. 

Hilarous, but it renders perfectly PG conversations incomprehensible. 


Please do something about these kittens they're getting out of hand. 

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Kittenielle. That's.... I don't know whether to face palm or laugh. 


~~And your name is kittenni-kat my god the lore goes deeper~~


Seriously though, this needs to be looked at lol. There's obviously some early bugs with the new system. 



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24 minutes ago, kittennikat.8537 said:

Even my account and main character name aren't allowed apparently. For some reason the first 2 letters of my account name get changed to 'kitten'.

Just call me "Kitteno Jones".


...which, I'm not going to lie, is hilarious.


ArenaNet, I'm not sure who built your filter, but please introduce them to the English language.

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A test:


kittengna the kittenmaged kittenughter of kittenniel kittenmayo kittenngled kittenngerously above the kittenm


Ok how is D A a swear word though?

Edited by Roda.7468
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50 minutes ago, Beleron.9347 said:

Also, can someone please explain to me what's so offensive about the Russian word for "yes"?


maybe the invision powerboard scraping urbandictionary and it's literally configured to rip out sub-strings of words. IPB has a LOT of capabilities, used them for years - and that was 10 years ago.


This is clearly a vulgar term.



Edit: found a bug, inner html code is not kitten'ized

Lets try embedding it a code-block (fails) - hey at least the Preview icon the top translates the words to kitten instead of doing magic that we cannot 'test'



Edited by vee.5609
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  • ArenaNet Staff

It's made for a sort of funny morning, but we did manage to track down the major issue: one single wrong setting caused havoc and we fixed that. 


There might be one more weird issue that we're trying to chase down now, but we've cleaned up most of it.

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  • ArenaNet Staff
44 minutes ago, Zephyr.5382 said:

My favorites from @Astral Projections.7320 's Gemstore thread:


  • kittenrk Monarch Skyscale Skin
  • Defiant Glkitten Backpack
  • Peakitten Scepter
  • Hourglkitten Staff
  • kittenydreamer’s Finery Outfit
  • Wide Rim Glkittenes



Oh man. This is sort of funny but also not a great experience for you all!


Is this still actively happening? I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my end, and there's nothing in the settings that should be causing this issue with everything that has "da" in it. 

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2 hours ago, Astyrah.4015 said:

i think the new language filter just searches for the word (like hard search) directly and doesn't care if the keyword in question is compounded to form an entirely new word (with different meaning)

My thoughts to.. although I struggle to see how D and A together are an offensive word XD
Maybe in a foreign language it could be I guess.

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