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Hello all!

I wanted to start a thread for anyone that roleplays anyone in the Pact, to try and encourage folks to make connections with each others' characters. These are characters that range from individuals in the Order of Whispers, Durmand Priory, or The Vigil - or anyone that's just joined the general Pact ranks!

If you have a character that's part of the Pact, please post the following:

In-Game Name:
Position in the Pact: 
Years of Service: 
Brief Rumors: Provide anything people might have heard WITHIN the Pact!
Additional Info: Got a cool codename for them? What Squad were they apart of? Anything of note of the Dragon campaigns they participated in?

And don't forget to add a cool picture, too!

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In-Game Name: Aidan of Dusk
Pronouns: She/Her
Species: Sylvari
Position in the Pact: Order of Whispers Agent (Formerly Lightbringer)
Years of Service: Order of Whispers from 1318 - Present (16 years)
Brief Rumors: 
"That one's hard to trust - you can't really tell if she's ever telling you the truth. She acts the way you expect her to act."
"Wasn't she part of that one Pact effort in Orr? The one where they were trying to grow better Sylvari defenses in the soil out there."

  • "I heard she betrayed the Order at one point to help a Rogue agent. Sure - she says it was a calculated risk when he came back on our side.. but I'm still unsure.." "But she's been loyal to the Order of Whispers until then!"

Additional Info: 
Code names are Apple and Magus
Used to be the head of a division of the Order of Whispers
Participated in all dragon campaigns since Zhaitan - where she was promoted to Lightbringer
She stepped down to Agent rank almost two years ago.



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In-Game Name: Whispers Slayer / Shun Kuroda
Pronouns: He/Him
Species: Human
Position in the Pact: Order of Whispers Lightbringer; Slayer.
Years of Service: Since 1319
Brief Rumors:

"I always feel like he's judging me."

"He seems pretty deadly serious about his job."

Additional Info: 
- Codename is Jet.
- Has served in all the major campaigns in the past 8 years

- Was promoted to Lightbringer shortly before Mordremoth was defeated



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In-Game Name: Elidryn
Pronouns: He/Him
Species: Sylvari

Position in the Pact: Vigil Warmaster, Order of Whispers Lightbringer, Pact Scout
Years of Service: Vigil (1320 -Present), Order of Whispers (1326-Present)

Brief Rumors:

  • "I heard the Vigil tried him for sedition when they found out he was with the Whispers... how'd he make it back to Warmaster?"
  • "Plant was furious when they transferred him to Elder Vale before he got a chance at Zhaitan. Think that's why he swapped sides?"
  • "You see him when he got back? He was covered in scars. Could barely walk. Vigil put him on indefinite medical leave. Can't blame him for finding work where he could. Stubborn fool was born to fight dragons. You couldn't keep him off the battlefield if you tried."
  • "They say he's a 'public liaison,' but I hear he actually manages the spies the Vigil and the Whispers send to mess with each other. Whose side is he on?"
  • "Supposed to have earned his re-promotion to Warmaster handling refugee logistics during the Elonian Campaign. We giving commendations for pencil pushers now?"


Additional Info: 

  • Order of Whispers Codename: Monk



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In-Game Name: Dylan Fletcher
Pronouns: He/him
Species: Human

Position in the Pact: Vigil Crusader
Years of Service: Vigil from 1333 - Present

Brief Rumors:

  • "Fletcher again. What is this- his fifth lap? What's he training so much for?"
  • "Just another farm boy out from the middle of nowhere thinking he can save everyone if you ask me."
  • "He's one of those kids from Drake, right? Bunch of Recruits who all called themselves Tide? Remember those days- made a squad like that with my old buddies too."
  • "Apparently he came here chasing his dad- some special forces member. Honestly just sounds like he's making it up."
  • "I wouldn't underestimate him. He's pretty young but I've seen him fight- like watching a bolt of lightning."

Additional Info:

  • Has served in the Primordus and Jormag campaigns
  • Member of Drake Company- the scout of a group of Crusaders unofficially nicknamed Tide Squad
  • The son of [REDACTED], currently serving [REDACTED]spacer.png
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In-Game Name: Athca Spireclash
Pronouns: She/Her
Species: Charr (Non-Legion, Gladium)
Position in the Pact: Vigil Warmaster & Diplomat
Years of Service: 1330AE-Present

Brief Rumors:

  • "Wasn't she some Legion big-shot once? I wonder what made her leave for the Vigil. Must have been something big, for her to transfer rank like that."
  • "Before she was a diplomat, she led soldiers on the field, and was good at it too, from what I heard. I think she was in the Sentinels fighting the brand, back before the dragon flew to Kourna."
  • "Who's ever heard of a charr that gardens in their free time? At least it explains why she smells so earthy."
  • "I'm used to reports written in such sloppy freehand, but paperwork from Spireclash is like art on a page. I wonder if she practices calligraphy."

Additional Info:

  • High Warmaster overseeing the 33rd Heavy Infantry Battalion.
  • Currently assigned to the Krytan Ministry as a diplomatic envoy.
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In-Game Name: Bleidd

Pronouns: he/him

Species: sylvari

Position in the Pact:  Vigil Lieutenant

Years of Service: 1326-Present

Brief Rumors: 

"Isn't that the sylvari that came barreling to the Keep like some wild animal?"

"I heard he lost his entire team when the Pact crashed in the jungle, while he ran off to the Mists."

"Didn't he drink his weight in alcohol one time? Maybe that's why he's banned from the Vigil's store."

Additional Info: 

Often called the 'Wolf of the Keep', he has since gotten used to the nickname, Wolf.

Currently unassigned to any squad. He stays at the Keep until further notice.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/847434777530466315/847934026786668594/91921c7206f83bdc129d03651997a564.png [inset image of a tall purple plant here]

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In-Game Name: Pamyl

Pronouns: She/Her

Race: Sylvari

Profession: Ranger

Position in the Pact: Vigil Scout

Years of Service: 1325AE - present

Brief Rumors:

That she somehow survived a violent ambush in Verdant Brink orchestrated by Pact comrades who distrusted sylvari. This was a traumatic event that left big marks on her, especially emotional. 

Additional info:

- She's part of a Vigil squad whose members are: Alba Trueheart (Charr Guardian), Maude Éimhear (Norn Warrior), Mopp (Asura Elementalist), Valens Darkhaunt (Charr Necromancer), and Jill Keen (Human Engineer);

- She gets "nectared" (aka drunk) whenever she drinks, well, nectar; 

- Her loyal pet companion is a sarcastic and bad-tempered tiger named Anwen, who has all the patience in the world for Pamyl but none for everyone else; 


Can someone please tell me how I can make the picture show? 😄 




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Region: EU

In-Game Name:  Ziya
Pronouns: She/her
Species: Asura
Position in the Pact:  Junior aviation developer, vehicle engineer.
Years of Service: 1325 AE - Present
Brief Rumors:

- Rumored to have worked on the development of the Pact's airships.  Later served as an engineer for Pact vehicles, both ground and air.

- Rumored to have seen battle despite her scholary role. Scuttlebutt has it she uses an Asuran golem suit  for it.

Additional Info: During the events of Heart of Thorns, she picked up a lot of improvisational skills, using wreckage of the crash to improvise all manner of devices. This broadened her skillset considerably.

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