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Gem sales in UK?

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I seen this before but the site looked shady.   I guess if it's listed on the official site it should be okay.  Time to buy a shed load of gems.

UPDATE:  Just tried to buy and the exchange rate from euros to GBP doesn't give you the discount.  You pay the full price.  So I was right, the site is shady.

No joy for us Brits then?


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I'm in UK. I tried using the gamecardsdirect and at checkout, instead of 40 EUR for 4k gems it's showing £40. The shop sells for £42.50.

Does anyone know if I could process this transaction via VPN and have valid codes at the end of it, or should I wait?

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I bought gems from www.gameliebe.com (the first site listed in that sale). I didn't see an option to translate the site but between my limited German and Google Translate I was able to get there, and it let me pay through Paypal.


The total price was £18.16. Buying 2,000 gems directly in-game would cost £21.25 so it works out to about a 15% discount rather than 20%, factoring in the exchange rate and Paypal's fee for doing the exhange. There's also the option to pay by Visa, which might give a better exchange rate but I didn't check.


It also took just under 2 hours for the gem code to come through, but apparently they insist on verifying transactions if you use guest checkout so that's probably why.

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