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Created some icons for the new Forum's "reactions" buttons

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Not sure if actual reaction icons after forum migrations are temporary, but I've created a whole bunch of icons anyway. Enjoy! 😀

Image .pngs here:


Looks like image links cannot be displayed now (no idea why), so included Twitter post. Below is reddit topic link:


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broken image urls
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  • Makarow.3028 changed the title to Created some icons for the new Forum's "reactions" buttons
14 hours ago, Demeth.5816 said:

They match the in game style waaay better, good job I really like them !

Glad you like them, Thanks! 🙂

9 hours ago, TheQuickFox.3826 said:

Nice creation. It quite fits the GW2 art style.


They will probably not use a thumbs down. The vanilla forum had one at start and ANet quickly removed it as it assisted negativity by disliking unpopular opinions.

Thanks! Removed thumbs down since it was complained a lot by people.


Somehow imgur links stopped working, so  i pinned down reddit topic for previews.

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