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Show off your Guardian!

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My guardian... is probably my most frequently redesigned toon. It's not that he looks bad, but just that he never quite looks cool enough. He's gone through many iterations, but this is the current one.


This is my most mixed set. The boots, legs, and gloves are forgeman. The chest is inquest. The shoulders are ascalonian. The helmet is phalanx. What is also unique about this toon is that he's one of my only toons where I almost always wear the full set. Here's his face:


Due to his faux facial hair, I always considered him a Spaniard. What is really interesting, though, is what he looks like at night:


He transforms from hopeful warrior to knight of the underworld.

The above armor is his power set. I just finished off his condi set. I'll show it in full, but I usually don't have the helmet equipped.


I like how this one looks. The carapace set looks like robes, so when he whips out the books it is like he's some magical knight-priest.

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@"warlordo.9576" said:https://pix.sfly.com/t__auv

Any way to just insert pic? embedding not working for me

1: on imgur, use the arrow down to get share links.2: I copy paste the forum code and cut off the beginning and the end The url looks very much like the default one, but is different. I then test it by putting it in the browser in the adress. Ir should show just the image (nothing else)3: Click the add image icon on the forum and add the url there.

The url should look like this https://i.imgur.com/e79p7B6.jpg

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