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Show off your Guardian!

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This is my third Guardian. Wanted to go with a dark themed one this time around. Had a Shadowknight on EverQuest 2, and was trying to come up with a more menacing name; did not know (at the time) Deathknight was connected to a different game. Only evil-like classes here are Necromancer/Reaper or Revenant. Guardian seemed to be the only class closest to a Shadowknight, so went that route. She will end up following the Dragonhunter route.

Do hope the devs will create an anti-guardian, similar to the Reaper in effects of the temporary minions, based more on keeping one's group going with offset buffs rather than "openly" giving buffs out like Guardians do. But I won't hold my breath. In any case, am having fun with it. :)

Was going to use a Balthazar outfit, then saw the Awakened Zealot one and went with that instead. Minus the swords in the body, it's more in-theme.



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