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Why do they let you craft an item that you cant use.

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a bit of back story to set the scene.

Just got back into playing the game after a 5+year haitus. Having taken an hour to re-learn how to play and get up to speed on the basics. i realised i was in the process of making The Bifrost.


Not sure where i was in the process i proceed to use GW2efficiency to help me in the crafting process. so I continue where i left off. Having 2 of the 4 parts needed ( i had the gift of mastery and the gift of the bifrost)  the efficiency website had crafting the spirit of perfected staff as the next step before crafting essence of rainbows, Carved beam and carved tear drop to make the Legend pre-cursor.

The problem is these items are all account bound and non salvageable. I didnt have them so i proceed to craft them. Now i didnt have a perfected staff to salvage to get the spirit so i make it and salvage it within a day or two. i then proceed to farm, beg, borrow and steal from guild members to get the materials needed to craft the other 3 account bound parts. total cost was over 150 gold

I craft the parts and then click on craft for "The Legend". nothing happens. its at this point that i notice in red writing "you can only craft this item once per Account"

It dawns on me that i must have crafted the legend at some point before starting my gaming hiatus and just gave it away to a guild member. I didnt have one in my inventory or storage one and i definately didnt sell it as i only had around 60 gold when i restarted playing a few days ago.


Heres the kicker. The crafting mechanics had me craft the Perfected staff, Essence of rainbows, Carved beam and the Carved Tear Drop (4 account bound items that only has 1 purpose in this game) in order to craft an item that i must have crafted previously and can only be created once. Why Block the crafting process at the last step without any warning during the process instead of the first step or give a warning saying this item will have no use. I'm now sitting with 4 items that cost me over 150 gold to craft that i cant use.


Is it any wonder i stopped playing this game years ago.

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I'd definitely contact Customer Support, explain what happened and ask if they can restore the materials you wasted crafting useless items. I don't know what they'll say but it couldn't hurt to ask and it would be a real shame to have to throw all that away because of a simple mistake.


I also agree that they should block you from making all the items which have no other use, not just the final product.


I think it should be possible to stop you buying a Chest of Rainbows if you've already crafted The Legend, because it's possible to stop merchants selling you things if you haven't crafted certain items, and I assume the system to check your crafting progress works in much the same way.


It should definitely be possible to stop you crafting the Carved Tear Drop and Carved Beam, just applying the same check that's used on The Legend. I'm less sure about The Perfected Staff because that is also a functional weapon in it's own right, so maybe someone might want a second one, but at least there could be a warning in the info box that you won't be able to make The Legend again.

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I never crafted extra of those, because I saw they were in a category called Legendary Components. Hopefully support can help you out, but I don't know why people will just craft a random legendary component without knowing what they were crafting it for.

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