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Some fanfiction I have going on about Ascalon.

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During the ongoing story of Icebrood Saga, I came up with an idea to make some kind of side-story for my own characters while The Pact Commander and Co. are fighting off the Elder Dragons. Here, one of my humans going by the name of Jayson Rosebert, uses the Charr Civil as a stepping stone to promote anti-Charr sentiment, rousing separatist sympathizers and the like to join his cause as he crusades against Ebonhawke to tear apart the government from within. With this in mind, Emilie Chan Silverlake, a Krytan would-be hero, is summoned by the Queen to put an end to this, with the aid of a few adventurers, who are expected to cooperate with whatever forces remaining in Ebonhawke.


Do note that the story contains mature theme, such as swearing, and graphic violence, which I included for the sake of realism (punching someone really hard tends to give you some serious wounds so). Apart from that, the story is made so that it could go on the same beat as Icebrood Saga itself, and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have anything to say regarding the writing itself, as well as the story, feel free to do so, in fact, I WANT your opinions on it.


With all that said, here's the story I wrote on Achieve of Our Own.

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