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[RP Fanon and Flavor Lore] "Shadowing the Depths - The Largos"

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| "Enigmatic and relentless, there's not much compiled here but it is a start for any would-be researchers."

Hello there everyone! The name's Nile, and going by the topic, I've decided to share this article-style compilation of Largos fanon.
This has been the result of about, three years of collaboration so far now with a few close friends and I. We're worldbuilders at heart, and the Largos are relatively a blank slate.
Of course, I'm no official speaker on Anet's behalf and this is all fanfiction, but, if it's useful to somebody I'll keep on working at updates for it.
And, I'll try to keep the thread semi-active by helping out with questions or ideas anyone's curious about. Hope y'all enjoy. ❤️

EDIT - Alas, updating the name of the thread removed the image formatting finally. But, there's an update to the provided link.

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Updated link and information as of a few weeks ago - Slightly bumping as that's a relevant update. ❤️ 
The Largos fins are also currently back thanks to the March sale if anyone was hankering to proxy a character of theirs as one.

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  • Nile.5614 changed the title to [RP Fanon and Flavor Lore] "Shadowing the Depths - The Largos"

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