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Most required Guardian for Raid, quickbrand or pure condi dps?


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h/qFB requires a second q/hFB or a 5 man chrono.This isn't bad composition but limits a bit the remaining slots*. Play it when the squad needs a second healer, or utility purpose like bubble/wall, signet of wrath+PI, etc...


About the full condi one. Yes, you'll find a squad easily as a decent DPS with free utilities on tomes.

Still with the next balance patch, the changes to Zeal, Virtues etc; I suggest you to wait  the feedbacks before build one if you did not yet.

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I'd say both, and you can play both too anyway, no need to change much in builds, just make sure you got the right traits and skills and just add 26% concentration by using food or something to play quickness fb. If you are asking because you saw different armor and runes on snowcrows or something, just know that it is 1st: outdated, 2nd wasn't much of a deal at the 1st place. Both cqfb and cfb have the same rotation and same gear, only difference is traits and food. If you are struggling just add some more concentration on your trinket slots, keep the armor with runes the same if you don't want to spend a lot. So just make yourself a dps condi firebrand and swap the traits/skills if quickness is needed.

About what is required more in raids. Depends on kp level I guess. So called pug groups will ask more for support roles, the more advanced/organized groups will usually have support roles sorted and just look for an additional dps. In another words usually dps roles are more asked in high kp raids than support roles when guilds play with their statics and just want to fill their last 2-3 slots, because dps is usually the role that does less mechanics and won't have much chance to drag others down if they happen to be bad.

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