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Suggestion for Mantras to differentiate them from Shouts


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Removing the initial cast is a good thing, but removing the final more powerful burst as well just makes Mantras into Shouts with a different name. Removing skills is also bad for the game. 

My suggestion is Reverse Mantra, make the 1st strike as the powerful burst, while subsequent burst will be weaker. Just dont make the powerful burst too much stronger than the weaker ones, otherwise we're back to "dont use the mantra at some point" problem. Or give the 1st powerful burst a slightly longer recharge.


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I think it is nice to keep a powerful burst, and the normal version

but change to a way like using the bomb in SAB


long press to will do the channeling animation and use the powerful burst which will consume all ammo (and how powerful is relay to how many ammo consumed)


a short press to use a normal one


bear the risk being interrupted to use a powerful one which also can keep those wonderful amination, or instant cast with a normal one

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