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Noble House RP Connections

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I thought a thread for players who play any sort of upper class citizen or nobility would be neat! This thread is for Noble Houses. This is just an example template, but usually it is nice to keep things concise! 

For Houses:
[Noble House]

Name of Family:
Head of Family:
Heritage (Krytan, Ascalonian, Elonan, Canthan (Imperial, Luxon, Kurzick)):
Coat of Arms:
Notable for: 
Additional Info: 


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[Noble House]
Name of Family: Lao
Head of Family: Xifeng Lao
Heritage: Imperial Cantha
Coat of Arms: Centipede
Notable for: Necromancy and historians 
Additional Info: 
- The family escaped Cantha a couple centuries ago as Usoku was rising to power
- Were reclusive and secluded on their estate just outside Garenhoff until a few years ago
- Has a main bloodline and a branch family that live in East and West Kessex Hills respectively. 

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[Noble House]
Name of Family: Kimura
Head of Family: Migi Kimura
Heritage: Mixed, primarily Krytan with strong Imperial Canthan influence
Coat of Arms: An oak tree growing before a gate, on a field of green
Notable for: Overview various farms in Kryta, elementalists, loyal to the crown
Additional Info

- Migi is not a Kimura by blood, but by adoption.

- The original heir was presumed dead, then later returned to the family. She has not challenged Migi's title of lord.

- Since Kralkatorrik's mad rush through the Mists, the Kimura estate in Divinity's Reach has been said to be haunted by ancient Canthan spirits as well as ghostly wolves.

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[Noble House]
Name of Family: Imperius.

Head of Family: Morarkhan Dracyar Imperius

Heritage: overtly Ascalonian, but with mixed Krytan and Elonan heritage through mariage. 

Coat of Arms: Black rampant griffon on red background (old), currently with a white background (as of Morarkhan).

Family estate: the barony of Ravenrock, on the side of the Witherflank River in the Gendarran Fields, north of the Ascalonian Settlement.

Notable for: involvement with the Ascalonian diaspora, with each baron serving in some capacity against the Charr, or more recently, with the Pact; elementalists; politically attached to the feudal system, with a tense relationship to the Crown but overall loyalty.

Additional information:

- House Imperius is descended from Dracyon, the kitten son of an Ascalonian noble, and head of the Raven Hunters guild during the Krytan Civil War, during which his services earned him a barony.

- The current head of the house, Morarkhan, a veteran arcanist and powerful elementalist, was recently chosen by the local nobility as minister for the Witherflank baronies, a small district beleaguered by centaurs. Reputedly cautious but loyal, he serves on the Ministry Committee for Justice. His votes tend to be critical of royal centralisation, and his speeches are overtly critical of mission creep by institutions with little oversight, such as the Pact or the Shining Blade.

- House Imperius has, for six generations, been ably served by chancellors and housecarls descended from Haldar, Dracyon's second son, who married into the Agon minor noble family. Darien Agon currently serves as the house's chancellor, while his son Valeryan serves as the baron's housecarl and bodyguard.

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[Noble House]
Name of Family: Tamaki

Head of Family: Zhensheng Zhau Tamaki

Warden: Shang Zhou Tamaki

Heritage: Canthan, small amounts of Orrian.

Coat of Arms: Sea Dragon

Family estate: Used to live in the Canthan District in Divinity's Reach, now lives in the Salma Quarter

Notable for: Descending from a Canthan noble, warning a Shining Blade officer to the impending doom of The Great Collapse, a psychic ability passed down through the family to predict the future.

Additional information:

-There is a psychic ability passed down through the family.

-A long standing tradition makes the first-born son a warden instead of the head of the family, and the second son the head of the family.

-The head of the family is usually a double sword wielding mesmer, or a mace and shield wielding guardian.

-The warden is usually a scythe wielding necromancer, or a ranger accompanied by a wyvern wielding a longbow.

-Zhensheng claimed to have been to Cantha, a debate thrown around.

-The family is surrounded by shadows and fog in certain areas.

-Their matron god and goddess are usually either Grenth or Lyssa; mainly Lyssa.

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Name of the family: Di Vanezzio.

Head of Family: Elebor Di Vanezzio.

Heritage: Acalonian/Krytan.

Coat of arms: An Elk head, half white on the left side and black on the right, with a circular elegant looking ornament of golden color behind it.

Family estate: Within Divinity’s Reach.

Notable for: Supporting the Charr/Human treaty, the previous head of the family (Richard) aiding to scribe and redact the document, and now a days a family dedicated to commerce, at the service and loyal to the Krytan throne.

And actively aiding for the betterment of Tyria however they can.


Additional information:

-Nobles in title not all the family members follow the “Typical noble” mannerisms.

-Formed by the 5 offsprings of the late Richard Vanezzio and Silicia Di Avante. 

-A small house with an overall liberal structure. 

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