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Why is there 1200 range unblockable pulls in WvW?

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On 5/4/2021 at 11:56 AM, kamikharzeeh.8016 said:

let me guess, "fearwell meta" means a ton of fear to make people on the narrow parts of the EotM map autorun into their deaths while "feared"?
remembers me a bit like the claw island boss, that thing can also stack fear en masse xP


Back then, the skill Spectral Ring was Spectral Wall, in which it didn't have a target cap. So all it took was a single necromancer. When people walked into the wall, they would be feared 'away' from the necromancer. When used in a narrow corridor, that direction was almost always facing the way off the cliff and entire Zergs would plummet to their deaths.


It was comical, even dying to it and seeing your friends die with you was comical. But commanders had to adapt and be much more aware of their surroundings, and incorporate strategies if they knew zergs were waiting for them around the corner.

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I have a fun memory using magnet on a commander.
A few years ago when the guild "KISS" moved from Gunnar's Hold to Aurora glade, the Gunnar's hold server was salty beyond belief. They organized so well that they had driven the aurora Glade server into EB spawn and they kept killing everyone who tried to enter EB. While they were flexing and lauging I magnet pulled the commander of the main zerg, moa'd him and the legendary defender one shot killed him. That was quite embarassing for the commander infront of his whole server. (then all zerglings rushed into our spawn suiciding if I remember correctly). 


also: Zergs ruin my WVW experience, please nerf...


🤣hurr durr hurr durr

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