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[NA] RUSH Brazil [RUSH] Recrutando jogadores para o WvW

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Olá, a RUSH é uma guilda Brazileira com mais de 5 anos no GW2, e jogamos atualmente no servidor: Yak's Bend
Sim estamos procurando players para juntar conosco no WvW, o EndGame de guerras!!!😈
Nós corremos em
Zerg semanalmente e sempre estamos dispostos a ensinar como jogar com a classe e seu macetes.
Veja abaixo uma ideia aproximada do que estamos procurando:

Minimo para correr: lvl80
Servidor: Yak's Bend

Chronomancer: Gravity well, CC e Ilusion
FirebrandEstabilidade e Aegis de segurança
 Scrapper: Limpar condis e spam de Heal
Scourge: Roubar ou corromper boons
Spellbreaker: Posicionamento kitten bolha, boons despojados.
DPS geral (Herald, DragonHunter, Ect): Causar dano

Nosso discord: RUSH Discord
Você precisará resgistrar com sua API KEY, tem um passo a passo de como fazer isso no Discord!



Hello, RUSH is a Brazilian guild with more than 5 years in GW2, and we currently play on the server: Yak's Bend
Yes we are looking for players to join us in WvW, the EndGame of wars !!! 😈
We race in Zerg weekly and are always willing to use how to play with the class and its tricks.
Below is a rough idea of what we are looking for:
Minimum to run: lvl80
Server: Yak's Bend

Chronomancer: Gravitational well, CC and Illusion
Firebrand: Stability and security Aegis
 Scrapper: Clear Heal conditions and spam
Scourge: Stealing or corrupting boons
Spellbreaker: Bubble kitten positioning, stripped boons.
General DPS (Herald, DragonHunter, Ect): cause damage

Our discord: RUSH Discord
You need to register with your KEY API, there is a step by step on how to do this on Discord!


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