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[NA] Anime Girl Reunion [AGRI] is looking for new members! Social guild for ages 16+, all players welcome!

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TL;DR:  We are a new social guild looking for a solid group of players to do casual raids, fractals, farming, leveling. Only requirement: Age 16+. Join here:  (no requirements besides a 1-2 sentence bio about yourself).
- Do you want a guild that definitely kind of maybe knows what is going on?
- Are you mainly concerned with social activity over hardcore play, wanting a group of players to share some laughs with?
Well, Anime Girl Reunion (I will regret this name eventually) is definitely the guild for you! We seek to offer a constructive community for ALL levels (no class requirements). Our focus is more on the social aspect of guilds than a specific activity (we will do all types: fractals, raids, WvW, and open-world!), so if you are just getting back into GW2, or have been playing alone for years, and want to join up with some dedicated members, check us out!
We feature:
- Anime Girls
- Very informal GW2 gameplay and events (will be running raids, fractals, WvW ~every week, and farming/leveling sessions often - there's no quota for events)
- New-player friendly, no class requirements to join
- LGBTQ+ friendly environment
- Hopefully, a lighthearted and welcoming community that is focused on making the most out of GW2 in a social, casual atmosphere
- Probably more anime
We have 8-9 members right now who are all eager to build up the guild. We are looking to get to at least 20 so we can do guild missions and start our guild hall!
Hopefully, you can join us on the battlefield! There's no requirement to rep us; all we ask is that you are occasionally active in our events.
 If you're interested, even if for a backup (or backup backup) guild, join the discord for some more information: https://discord.gg/gxjq7EU
Hope to see you soon!


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