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Is EU have more stable servers?

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I think the servers are as stable in the EU as in NA. Most problems players experience with disconnects are not servers crashing but network problems somewhere between their computer and the server. This includes thing like your WiFi, ISP, internet routing between your ISP and the ArenaNet servers and datacenter network capacity.


I can tell that for me, personally, the connection via ZeelandNet.nl ISP (The Netherlands) and the ArenaNet servers EU (Hosted by Amazon as far as I know) is very good. Low pings and hardly a disconnect. Last weeks I had some disconnects but this was the server instance crashing due to game bugs which have probably been addressed according to recent patch notes.


Things very much depend on your location I think. There are probably locations with bad connections to the ArenaNet servers at amazon because a considerable number of players have been complaining about ping, packet loss and dropouts. Both in Europe and in the US. Best way to find out if the route to EU servers will be better for you is to try.

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It depends. I know someone from the SEA region who plays on NA because the connection is somewhat better but not all too great so he had to use a VPN for a long duration until his account got locked due to VPN usage (as VPN triggers a false alarm in the security program as I heard) unfortunately. However the account is now unlocked again but some connectivity issues are still present of which it's mostly in GW1. 
However EU players have a hard time with servers on especially PoF maps and slow trading post as it's being reported multiple times. Maybe it's also related where exactly you come from as some countries tend to have terrible internet connection overall (Germany for example has pretty bad internet in comparison to other EU countries like NL for example). 
The same can go for other regions of the world too I guess. I had another friend from SEA but they lived in a different country and had no problems playing on EU until a certain time and moved over to NA as the connection was more stable there for them. 
Maybe asking around others in your area and their experiences can be helpful. 

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