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[Stop Progress] Dragonstorm Meta Event bug - Never use Roller Beetle's Roll Out ability for CC mechanic

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Was hoping to see some reaction or acknowledgment regarding this event. 4 fails minimum on this event for the week (all public), and then a couple where I didn't get the assist for Aurene. Three more seconds would probably cure the assist issue, and of course, the bug needs fixed. Not going to bother playing again since it's a repeated 20-30 minutes lost with zero in return.

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I would just like to add this bug can also occur in a private squad (it happened to group I was in). I'm hoping for a fix soon,  because I will not be repeating the experience until this bug has been corrected.

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Posted (edited)
15 minutes ago, Slowpokeking.8720 said:

Why isn't Anet responding?

Busy with expansion maybe.


Or they havent been able to replicate it in house to be able to find out how to fix it.

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The only person that might respond would be Fire Attunement.


Keep in mind, bug fixes almost always wait for the next release, or are implemented within 2-4 days of the last release.  (Due to bandwidth restrictions.)


Next release:  May 11th.

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