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Why did you remove outfits tradable for Black Lion Statuettes?

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10 hours ago, PookieDaWombat.6209 said:

Effective monetization.  The list one you might like, you try to save up statuettes, when you get enough, they rotate them out, but list them in the store.  So you weigh if you want to buy it while its available for a limited time.  In short, it plays off of FOMO.  Ingenious in its simplicity. 

I agree it would be a good idea for Anet to offer these outfits in the store again, but unfortunately they haven't been available for gems since the wardrobe was introduced in 2014. The ones Sifu mentioned buying on the TP are the old tonics which can be converted into outfits, being sold by players who had them left over from before (or possibly bought them for flipping).


But they'll be back on the statuette vendor at some point. We don't know when because there doesn't appear to be a pattern to what's offered but this is not the first time the town clothes outfits have been available so it's highly unlikely it will be the last time.

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