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I do not know if this bug has been around before, but I have been raiding for quite some time and this is the first time this has occurred. We were doing QtP challenge mode tonight and we had an extra orb randomly spawning in during the fight (usually between 65% and 50% the 2nd and 3rd orb rotation). It did not hit the ground, just spawned in around south and started moving towards the boss. So at 60% we had 2 pylons with 2 orbs and 1 pylon with 3 orbs. When the next round of orbs came, we had no way to deal with the 10th other than out-healing it (and it's a lot of damage), since all pylons were stacked with 3 orbs already. Luckily it de-spawned at some point around one of the pylon destruction.


I would rate this as worse then the Samarog bugs, though one may disagree.

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