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Fractal - Sunqua Peak - Thunder Phase Loop Bug

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I've run into this bug many times while playing the game, and have tried to report it with the Bug Report tool from within the game, on multiple occasions, but patch after patch, the bug seems to continue there, and as such I've finally decided to post here in hopes that this may get some more visibility.

When doing the Sunqua Peak Fractal, the final boss will sometimes bug randomly. During the first phase, when it becomes immune and protected in a whirlwind of air while thunders fall around the players, spawns little orbs, each player is supposed to pick up 3, and jump in one of the circles with the red arrows, and repeat this process until all circles have disappeared, which is supposed to make the boss become vulnerable again and the sequence of its actions to continue. However, sometimes the boss will randomly stay stuck in this immunity phase, with the thunders falling, even after the players have jumped in all the available circles with the red arrows.

This situation is very problematic because:

  1. It can happen randomly during that phase of the boss
  2. The probability of the problem occurring increases the more that phase is prolonged or repeated, which tends to happen when teams struggle with the boss, lack damage, or have to do multiple respawns/retries in the same instance while at boss phase
  3. Once it happens, it will always happen again for further boss retries in the same instance, which makes this a big problem and a blocker of progression.

Imagine you're having a bad day, this happens once, you restart the instance, it happens a second time while you're doing your dailies, and then to make it better you find out that the daily recs also include Sunqua Peak again. You're in for a ride 😄.

If someone who can reach out to the developers team comes across this, please forward this to them. I believe this bug has been around since Sunqua Peak was first added and it is a major problem in the fractals. Also, if you need any more information just let me know. Thank you!

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