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Graphical interface modification for quick selecting [suggestion]

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Underneath the skills and health bar on the main game screen, add a build and equipment template bar on the left side and a mount bar on the right side.  Make this bar partially translucent (make button borders not translucent) to reduce screen obstructions.

Also add a collapse button nearby to collapse or un-collapse bar easily.

This bar contains buttons for each build and equipment template and mount available for quick and easy access with just a click of a mouse button.


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They've pretty much already done this for mounts. You can click the arrow on the mount button to bring up a menu showing all your mounts and select one to set as the 'default' on the mount button. You can also key bind each mount to a different key so you can swap between them without having to change which one is selected. So if I've understood your suggestion correctly the only thing missing is the option to have the bar open all the time.


Personally I use keybindings most of the time. I have a cluster of keys I wasn't using for anything else with all the mounts bound to them and just push the button for whichever one I need. I still use the default mount button (bound to a button on the side of my mouse) for quick access (usually but not always the griffon because I find it the best choice for a quick getaway) but I think I'm actually more likely to choose a specific mount at this point.

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