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Hey everyone,


Do you guys know how much Notarized scrolls i should use to unlock all HP from Core Gw2, Magumma and Desert expac?


Thanks in advance,



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Posted (edited)

Edit - I read it wrong.

Core - 199 scrolls


There's total 189 hero challenges in core tyria, but the core scrolls will also unlock hero challenges in The Silverwastes and Dry Top (and not count towards the 189 core), if you unlock all the hero points in those maps before the core maps you will be stuck at 188/189 core hero challenges and cannot finish it with scrolls (it's weird, not sure why).


HoT - 40


PoF - 29

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You get refunded your heroics if you consume a scroll and are maxed out, so don't worry about being exact if you have tons of heroics that you're planning to dump into those scrolls.


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