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It took me a while to find out. But there is a trial of Koda that requires the use of 1 of the raven gates at the Den of Whispers event in Bjora Marches. https://imgur.com/4HFVDyv

Every time i try to interact with 1 of these 3 raven gates, i get the notification that i need to train Raven Flight mastery before being able to use raven gate.

I tried on different characters, even got a friend to try, but it appears to be bugged. see image for details.



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3 hours ago, Dukotje.4382 said:


Its even stated on the wiki that currently, because the portals only work during the drakkar fight, you aren't able to finish the event in Whispers Depths... i've been roaming the map for more then 4 or 5 hours trying every possible way to access the area where the event is, but i haven't found it.

So...complete it in one of the many other areas it spawns.  The map shows 12 other locations.

It's unlikely there will be any change to those gates, any time in the near (or even far) future. 

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