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War Eternal Meta Achievement - Salt on the Wound is still broken

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So as I understand it this achievement worked fine when it came out in 2019.

its 2021 now and it's gotten more and more horribly broken as time passes.

The point of the achievement is to land hits on Kralkatorrik's wounds while flying with Aurene in the story instance.
You need 3 hits to 'inflict a wound'
As far as I understood it from the wiki and the forums, the bug advanced to where you need to just hit the dragon 10 times. Which was already hard enough to do considering every hit was considered a miss or out of sight..

And this is where the bug has developed to now.
I can easy land 10 hits on the dragon. But none of them count to the achievement. Even if I hit all 10 in the same spot to inflict a wound, even if I try to do it with multiple people in a party so they can grant me a damage boost.

Nothing I do progresses this achievement. Nothing I do is registered as a hit.
It's honestly frustrating that this is a bug that's only gotten worse and worse as time has gone on.
It's not like it's blocking my progress to getting Vision out of the way, I've done the WVW track.
I just want this achievement out of the way, if not for myself, for the players who hate having to play WVW to get a PVE legendary item where WVW shouldn't be necessary (besides gift of battle)

Please anet, Fix this bug, or let other achievements count towards the meta achievement so it's atleast not blocking progress for players.


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