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Will New Legendaries be Shown Before Expac Drops?

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20 minutes ago, PlagueParade.7942 said:

I mostly ask this question for when people will get their 3rd gen. precursor from doing the living story events starting May 25th. It would be just be nice to see them before deciding which one we may want to make.

Just hold on to the box untill they all release.

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They'll probably show at least some of them during the promotion for EoD, but we won't know until they start sharing more details whether we're going to get them all when the expansion launches or gradually after that.


I'm going to hold onto the box until I know which one I want to make. I've got a few of those boxes which let you choose an item in my bank already, so it can go in with the rest until I'm ready to use it.

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