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Staff on a Necro isn’t a DPS weapon; in fact, it’s inarguably the lowest damage weapon Necro can use.


If you want “durable” DPS the Necro isn’t a bad choice. In fact, because you have shroud as a second health bar you can afford to stack more damaging stats than other classes.


Mind you - Necro (core, Reaper or Scourge) isn’t really a top DPS choice, but you can definitely make it work, and you’ll have the durability to outlast a few mistakes.

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staff ele is the highest dps.


i'd say hammer herald is the best consistent mobile dps that also doesn't die as fast as ele usually.


reaper necro is pretty difficult to play but has solid dps if u get in range for it. scourge necro isn't basic dps, but can do a ton of dmg while having great support for others built-in and the enemies are stacked up and boon-loaded.


staff is a control weapon, less a dmg dealer. (but that control is nice to have since reaper otherwise has not a ton of far range stuff still)

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During dps or after you drop your dps? Gurd and rev even necor have good durability during there dps and often have faster dps.

Ele is good at drooping its dmg when it can and ruining away. You cant do both as ele though.

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reaper often fails to come close enough to deal dps. scourge gets dmg done by corrupts and the combo of shades, wells + ghastly breach.


so no, it has not a lot of dps directly, but as a reaper u need to be in a big enough squad that runs very close quarters, and without a stealth option, there's not a lot of possibility that you will effectively spin-2-win. scourge can kite off better here.


think u find sets for both at gw2mists page under the "builds" section.

the only really bad necro in wvw  is a minionmancer, core is also roaming only.

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