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NA/EU - Official Thief Forum Guild [Teef]

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Official Thief Forum Guild [Teef]


Greetings! We are a community guild based around the official thief subforum. We provide a depth of knowledge and feedback related to the thief profession and the state of game balance both on the official forums and in-game. We have a broad range of players with extensive experience in PvE, sPvP, and WvW. Although we have WvW claiming ability, the guild is not tied to any particular server and we have both NA and EU players who play WvW across multiple servers.


If you are interested in joining the guild please make a post in this thread (which is being followed) and one of our officers will get back to you in-game. We have a Discord (optional) for those who join the guild and encourage (also optional) members to be active on the official forums as well.

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15 hours ago, Jugglemonkey.8741 said:

Hey, is this guild still active? I'd like to join if so ^^

We are but we're going to be focusing on forums and information. We also have a sister guild that is more about action rather than debate. Saerni or Lithril can help you with that (maybe (outta the loop a bit (:P))).

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