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Recommend change to Mantras following 11-May-2021 update

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First of all, I am fine with the mantras recharging change in this patch. However, the visual change is not intuitive at all. Can we start with the icon of the last charge, then once a charge is used the next icon will show and so on; finally, the on-cooldown default uncharged icon is shown when all charges have been used?

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Also, bring back the mantra casting animations and charging time but don't make them go on cooldown and need to recast after running out of charges. This will bring back the cool animations and voice lines that we can cast when entering a new map instance or respawning. 

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I was discussing these changes with some guildies and friends yesterday. We all (about 8 of us total) agreed that it would be easier to remember that the skill should have the "charged" icon. That and I have an issue remembering what the uncharged icons do (not good for someone in hb jail).

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