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[WvW] Tempest Changes Wishlist.

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Gathered Focus

  • Removed

Powerful Aura

  • Moved from Grandmaster Major [Water] to Master Minor [Tempest]



That [Tempest] has to take the [Water] Traitline to perform the basic task of sharing Auras, which is its main feature, is bad design.

Opens trait choices in [Water] Grandmaster.


Soothing Power

  • In addition to its previous effect, the effect of the Trait [Soothing Mist] stays activ regardless of attunement.


The Healing [Soothing Mist]  provides while under the effect of [Soothing Power] is good but it forces the [Tempest] to stay in [Water] to benefit from the effect.
With this change, the [Tempest] can freely switch attunements without sacrificing healing.


New Grandmaster Trait: Seeping Cold [Water]

  • Vulnerability applies Chill. Chill is more effectiv.
  • 0.5s Chill per Vulnerability Stack. Chill effectivness goes from 66% to 75%


Gives the [Tempest] a more offensive way to support its allies while staying true to the cryomancer fantasy.


Elemantal Shielding

  •  In addition to its previous effect, it now also applies Stability (1 Stack. 2s Duration.) when an Aura effect ends.


It gives the [Tempest] a Minor source of group stability, which isnt frontloaded like Guardian.
This gives the [Tempest] a choice between [Fire] for additional Condition Cleanse from [Smothering Auras] or group stability from [Earth].



Tempest is now not forced to take [Water] for [Powerful Aura]
Tempest has now a choice between 3 [Water] Grandmaster Traits.
Tempest can now play both or can choose between [Fire] and [Earth] for extra support.



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I think that increasing chill effectiveness wouldnt be used at all since you'd always want a supportive option on support and dps tempest can just take whatever he or the group is missing in terms of sustain (also 0.5 sec chill per vuln is extremely high). The only place I can see it is in cancer pvp builds. A better option would be to add some damage procs against chilled targets (+ trigger chill against targets with 20+ vuln stacks with some icd), or chilling enemies applies frostbite with a fixed max duration which does damage over time and cant be removed.


Stability on aura is a bit of an overkill since fire weaver would have perma stab (sunspot) and so would tempest because if can spec for like 7 aura procs within a very short period of time. Resolution would be much more balanced.


I just wish that tempest had a trait that improves auras to gain effects similar to banners/spirits. Fire would grant strike+condi damage (or power+condi stats), shocking = prec+ferocity, frost = condi damage reduction and magnetic = stability, since it's a fairly rare aura. A trait could be in master tier instead of regen+vigor on auras which definitely fits water more than tempest (swapped for cleanse on water attune because you can achieve the same with regen from aura and cleansing water OR merged with cantrip trait since they do the same thing with different skills).

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I am all in favor of buffs to make Tempest more viable, but I really dislike the idea of stab on auras. One could argue that just one stack of stab is too weak to make an impact, but potential aura uptime can be so high and it would make it really annoying to fight against a nonstop stream of stab application. I would rather it be concentrated to something like what @steki.1478 mentioned on only magnetic auras, or tweak Armor of Earth a bit to have it apply its effect to allies as well. 

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