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5vs5 and 2vs2 should stay, Remove Unranked and more !

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After Over a Year of 2vs2 and 3vs3 Offseasons i came to a conclusion. Let them stay parallely to normal conquest and remove Unranked from the qlist.



5vs5 Conquest Ranked + Unranked

There are maybe not that many players but i face many different players in 2vs2 and in 3vs3 than in conquest and you still find games at every clock time on both q's.

Unranked merges with ranked conquest, Players that q for Conquest get an rating the rest is play unranked (including Stronghold, Cortyard, 2vs2 and 3vs3).

Players Rating is always hidden, until you reach top 250(you will just not get listed). Emblems are now first visible at 1500 rating, and you can customize your emblem, switch between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Plat how you want. Players will still optain the emblem after they dropped out of 1500+ Rating something like a earning , many players fear to play because of loosing rating and dropping out of leage xy, this could avoid demotivation from a lot of players and increase the number of quing people.
Top 25 People get promoted to Legendary rating. So you wont have a season with 100 legys but you also will not have a season without anyone reaching because to less players.

You will NOT promoted to the Leaderbord if you haven't crossed 1500+ Rating.

The players are able to play 1-5 as a full group, the Rating of the players will be individuelly, not Team rating (if you always play togheter than you should have after some time the same rating).
Pipes will stay as they are and also be gained in unranked and in 2vs2 and 3vs3 Ranked, the loot should stay the same.

2vs2 and 3vs3 Ranked


2vs2 and 3vs3 stay permantly as Second Ranked Q. Both Switching after 4 Weeks into the season.


2vs2: The Leaderboard is reduced to showing the top 100, Top 10 Players will be promoted to legendary


3vs3: The Leaderbord is Reduced to showing the top 120, top 12 players will be promoted to legendary


both share the pipe gain with 5vs5 and Unranked




Tournaments get a new rotation

- Mondays gonna be every second tournament a Stronghold tournament

- Tuesdays gonna be every second tournament a 4vs4 tournament

- Wednesdays gonna be every second tournament a Courtyard tournament

- Thursdays gonna be every second tournament a 3vs3 Tournament tournament.

- Fridays and Saturdays are be always 5vs5 Conquest as it stays as the main pvp mod

- Sundays gonna be every second tournament a 2vs2 Tournament,

the 6 PM tournament would be a special 1vs1 Tournament giving 2 Exclusiv titles:

- 1vs1 King/Queen Permantly

- 1vs1 King/Queen in Golden Color that is 1 Week Temporarly (to show the current Winner)


Guildwars 2 pvp has the problem the be the same for a very long time, this would give some lil bit more rotation into the game mod, those modes supports different playstyles.

More people would play because you get the good rewards and the big part of the playerbase "don't loose rating".

Everything would shakeup the game a bit, would it make less repeatable and would support a large amount of players that want to play other gamemodes.


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