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My YouTube Channel - Mind Over Meta

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Hey everyone,

I'm just here to take a few moments to shill for my new YouTube Channel that I have "soft launched" over the past few days.




When the forums went into maintenance a few weeks ago, I made a choice to find better/more constructive ways to express my passion for this game than making crabby comments or arguing here on the forums. This channel and the videos I have been adding over the past few days is the result of that choice.


The channel focuses on newer players with a series of "New Player Tips" and some Open World/Solo builds (one is up right now, the other will go live at Midnight tonight, another tomorrow) and some Map Currency Farming Guides (one up now more are being cooked)


Anyways... visit... tell your friends.

I will post updates in this thread.
Any and all feedback or suggestions for content is welcome.

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20 hours ago, Infusion.7149 said:

Good for you that you found a productive outlet 😛

Constructive criticism: you should make a wiki account and block out your chat window.

Thanks for the input. Will definitely keep it in mind.

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