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New low FPS issue - can't explain why.

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For a couple weeks I've had low fps. After today's patch it seemed to have fixed itself, but after logging a while later (having shut down my PC in between both times) it's back to the kitten poor frame rates. I have not upgraded or changed my system in any significant way both hardware or software wise.


I used to play in windowed full screen weeks ago, but I had instances in which the game would randomly forget its settings. Every single graphic setting would go back to default. This happened up to 2 times.


Inexplicably, even after switching to full screen mode, the fps continued low back then, and even now. I have a laptop that basically shares the same specs as my desktop (SSD, 8GB ram, GTX1650 vs GTX1050ti on my pc) and I don't have such issues there, in fact it runs quite well.


I don't have overheating problems, everything seems to run well. I have no idea why this is happening though, or why would my settings reset like this all of a sudden. Would a reinstall help? I'm out of options.


What logs do I need to post to receive assistance?

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38 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

For assistance, you can contact the Tech CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below (Submit a Ticket).


Good luck. 

Thanks, will do.


But then what's the point of this subforum? lol.

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A couple friends and I also have experienced this as well recently, it seems to get worse each patch for the last month
To the point it cashed one of us to blue screen

we all have similar computers as well 

RTX 3080
i9 9900k
32 GB  RAM 3200
1000w PSU

RTX 3080
i9 10900k
32 GB  RAM 3200
1000w PSU

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I got a similar issue since the last patch.


For some reason, in my case, some effects from auras and certain mounts impact the performance drastically.

It seems worse with certain AMD cards but also has effect on nvidia cards as well.


In my case it dropped from over 200 down to 30 in specific situations. Only when using the hummingbird mount for example.

Tested everything. From lowest settings, to highest. DX12 wrapper, reinstalltion, drives... nothing helped so far.

Before the patch, everything run perfectly fine. Zergs, no problem. Mounts, no problem. Auras, no problem.

It's super weird.


Zergs are a mess to play now. Because the game drops periodically in FPS and backs up to normal again. That's like you play in bullettime effect when that happens.

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Make the test. Use the hummingbird mount or a player who has it. It triggers it always for me. From 200 down to 40FPS, ridiculous.

Sometimes up to insane levels. Some players have it less others worse.



So far it seems AMD cards have even worse performance decrease when these whatever effects occur.


I can counter test it with a 1080ti if there is a similar impact.



Tested it now with my old computer. (Ryzen 7 1800X and 1080ti)

No issues, at least nothing to shout out, same settings. (Using Hummingbird: ~120 down to ~111FPS)

Nothing near the amount with the AMD card now.

The new Card CAN have twice the FPS, but drops insanely low with some effects. 

I guess my problem is more related to AMDs drivers maybe?


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On 5/26/2021 at 11:22 AM, alcopaul.2156 said:

could be busted graphics card if you get low fps with other games that you play..

Other games work just fine.


On 5/26/2021 at 11:52 AM, VictorLeal.4102 said:

I flatout reinstalled, I think that beats repairing the client. Also have tried a plethora of random tips and scans that gw2 support recommended (some of them useless and unrelated) but nothing works.


They respond really quickly at least.

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Did you checked the behavior of your CPU when running the game? 

Did you checked other games as well about their performance?

Did you checked different drivers? (Older ones for example)

Did your driver has auto update active and did a recent update before that problem occured?

Windows had a few updates as well who affected gaming performance for a few people. Check out what updates are known to do that and see what updates are installed. Maybe remove them temporarely.


Get an overlay to see how much your hardware gets utilized when running GW2.

Does any backround threads run? Did you installed any addons for GW2? If so, uninstall them and test it without.

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This was fixed btw. I had to run a windows repair tool called "Windows System File Checker".


(This is from my ticket)

  1. Press Windows Key + X then select Command Prompt (Admin). Note: If your OS is Win10 it will show Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  2. Run this command in the cmd prompt: sfc /scannow
  3. The cmd prompt should list text stating ""Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.""
  4. Wait for the scan to complete (this can take several minutes so be patient). This command will scan all protected system files and replace incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions
  5. When the scan completes, the SFC tool will indicate whether or not it found any problems and whether or not it was able to fix them.

After support played whack-a-mole with suggested fixes (even going into internet / ping territory, despite this being GFX related - something that made me question myself if I was dealing with bots), they finally hit the right one.


Idk if it will help others but I will leave it here.

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