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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]

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@"Gaile Gray.6029" said:Over time, we've seen a lot of good QoL suggestions on the forums. It seems to be it'd be good to have a regular sticky post -- yes, yes, I know, we already have too many stickies! ;) -- so that these can be better seen, added to, commented upon, and so forth.

So here's the official QoL suggestion thread. I will try to merge in previous threads on the topic of Quality of Life, but if you see any I missed, could you please PM me to let me know?


While I'm quite grateful for this thread, I notice that it is already becoming messy and repetitive. Perhaps, creating a Google Doc like this one and including it in the first post would allow these suggestions to be a bit more organized. Google Docs can be edited by anyone, so anyone can add their idea to the relevant section. It also includes history on the off-chance someone decides to delete things they shouldn't. This would also allow people to more easily check if their suggestion has been raised before.

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I think it would be nice if either in achievements, or the story section any literature that we have read or collected was stored to read for later. Instead of books in our inventory, it would unlock the respective chapter in the written collection area. That way things like the books in Ebonhawke, the various memorials, book cart books, and the books we collect like The asuran books in bloodstone fen, could all be reread at any point, without taking up space.

On a separate note. Skins for past events that an account has completed should be unlocked automatically. For instance I have the flaming mad memories, but because I deleted the green one before the skin system was added, I do not have that skin, even though I obviously had the piece of gear, since I have the flaming version. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and that this is not the only instance.

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Something that would greatly improve QoL for WvW players would be a special bag - maybe call it a "Blueprint Folder" or "Blueprint Folio" in which we can store all of our WvW blueprints and give it a quick access button on-screen which would allow us to pick something from the folio without us having to open our entire inventory.As mounts aren't used in WvW maybe put the button where the mounts button usually is?From a WvW player's perspective this is 100 times more important than any novelties wardrobe.

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Note: Mock-up images included for a few of my suggestions.

I mentioned the suggestions below in a thread I created earlier this year, yet because there is now a 'QoL' sticky, I want to mention them again (that and they remain to be seen in-game).

You will also see there are quite a few 'favorites' on a few of the mock-up images depicting the suggestions I made. More favorites on the mock-up images I created would be appreciated!

1. Implement 'Cycle Through' Hotkeys for Chairs, Instruments, Held Items, Toys, and Mounts. You can read more about the idea of this feature here, and exactly how it would work: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/53352/suggestion-implement-cycle-through-hotkeys-for-chairs-instruments-held-items-toys-and-mounts/p1?new=1

The 'Cycle Through' Hotkey will be more responsive than the current system that has a cooldown after mounting another Mount (the cooldown put in place so your character can finish the animation of dismounting until its feet hit the ground).

Furthermore, the way in which the 'Novelties' UI currently displays is vague. I hardly notice much is there on that very small gray bar.

Here is a mock-up image I created the way I would have liked to see the 'Novelties' UI: https://imgur.com/a/5juP8su vs. the original 'Novelities' UI: https://imgur.com/a/tKYGKWi (Go ahead and compare both images between two different tabs)

2. No Mastework Sigils from salvaging on high-level Armor [Levels 40-80], because who uses Masterwork Sigils after level 40? All that does is create a lot of unnecessary clutter every time we salvage Armor pieces.

However, if salvageable Sigils are to remain on high-level Armor, I believe there should be better, more usable Sigils that will benefit high-level players better.

3. Added to the game, yet it does not seem there are any in the Gem Store at this time Unlimited Volatile Magic gathering tools in the Gem Store. It is silly how the new Map Currency Unbound Magic gets its own set of ‘unlimited’ gathering tools, yet Volatile Magic does not. My wallet is ready in the event Unlimited Volatile Magic gathering tools come to the Gem Store.

4. Allow us to see the totals of any Material we have gathered when we 'Sell' and/or 'Buy More' Materials from the Trading Post within both of the Buy/Sell Windows. Mock-up image of the idea here: https://imgur.com/zJPhbzm

5. Remove 'global' cooldown on all instruments and instead make it where each note has its own cooldown, and then set every players' 'Player Instrument Volume' to 2-5% after this fix to curb the 'annoyance' issue from obnoxious players.

And if not remove the 'global' cooldown on all instruments, then at least remove 'global' cooldown on the most popular 3 instruments being the The Minstrel, the Lute, and the Harp.

Currently (to use the Harp as an example), if any of the low Major notes: C D E F G A B C on the first octave go on cooldown, so do any of the C D E F G A B C Major notes on the second and third octaves, meaning each note does not have its own cooldown. The cooldowns on instrument notes are shared 'globally'.

That is a huge issue in the GW2 musician community because it limits the songs we can play on the instruments, that or we have to butcher the songs we want to play just to play them due to the 'global' cooldown.

To be clear, even if 'global' cooldown on instruments is removed, troll players are not going to be able to spam hundreds of notes in the event they try to use a Script to do so, because each note on any instrument at that point will have their own cooldown (unlike now, all sharing a 'global' cooldown).

6. Allow us to toggle any Currency in the Wallet we want to keep track of (up to 10) along the bar where our Gold value displays in our Inventory Window, much like we do when we toggle which 'Achievement progressions' we want to keep track of when we hit the 'Eye' icon. Mock-up image of the idea here: https://imgur.com/a/urqxQ

That 'Eye' icon should be next to every Currency in the Wallet Window. Why up to 10 Currencies shown at once? Because 10 is a solid number, and anything more than 10 would look like clutter along the bar where our Gold value displays.

The displayed currencies along the bottom bar of the Inventory can also be dragged-and-dropped in whatever order players want them displayed.

And if not any of the above stated, please, let us at least see our Karma value at all times since it is a globally-acquired Currency in every Map. For example, in maps like Bloodstone Fen, Lake Doric, and every other new map outside the Heart of Tyria, we cannot see our Karma value at all times like in other Maps.

7. Add the option to 'Sell' and/or 'Buy More' of any Material from our Bank, and add the option to 'Sell' any Material from our Material Storage. Currently, we can only 'Buy More' of any Material from our Material Storage. Why only 'Buy More' and not 'Sell', too?

It may sound trivial, but it is really frustrating over a period of time having to drag-and-drop each and every Material from our Material Storage into our Inventory before we can 'Sell' our Materials on the TP, and not being able to 'Sell' and 'Buy More' of any Material at all from our Bank is equally frustrating.

8. Let’s take a look at the Additional Crafting License item in the Gem Store. It reads: Increase the number of active Crafting Disciplines all characters on your account can have at once (by 4, to be exact).

Why not increase the number of active Crafting Disciplines all characters on our account can have at once from 4 to 9?

What is the difference if our mastered Crafting Disciplines are split up to be accessible on 3 different characters vs. all accessible on any character? (3 different characters because of Scribe). Just have them all accessible on any character that already has them mastered. We should not have to split our access up to our mastered Disciplines between 3 different characters. That is not effective nor convenient at all!

9. Increase the number of ‘Recently Viewed’ and ‘My Latest Trades’ up to 10 (or 20) shown at a time. Mock-up image of the idea here: https://imgur.com/IQGy88A

10. Add a Consume-All option to all consumable Finishers, that or make them easier to 'Destroy', because they are one of the most annoying items to 'Destroy' by having to type in their exact names. They are really only an annoyance after opening many ToT Bags (among a few other containers/bags that contain Finishers), but an annoyance nonetheless.

11. Add 'Y' and 'N' hotkeys for the 'Yes' and 'No' options when we ‘Destroy’ any item to make it quicker, or for all 'Yes' or 'No' dialogue boxes, for that matter. Mock-up image of the idea here: https://imgur.com/a/hPY6U

With the above suggestion in mind, the hotkeys for 'Y' and 'N' should be an Option in the General Options Window, to Enable or Disable them, either to appear in 'Y' or 'N' dialogue boxes, or not appear at all in 'Y' or 'N' dialogue boxes, followed by a red warning message in parenthesis ( ) next to the Option itself that says, "Use at your own risk!"

12. Add a World Boss Events Window (within the Contacts and LFG Window) so we do not have to alt-tab and consult third-party online sources outside the game. Mock-up image of the idea here: https://imgur.com/hd2zuWW

NOTE: If you look at the UI mock-up closely, you will see I put little 'sort by' arrows next to 'Boss Name', 'Boss Level', 'Event Status', and 'Spawn Time'.

Some players do not mind alt-tabbing to their web browser every time to consult third-party sources for when World Boss Events pop, but having a simplified World Boss Event Window within the game itself will be better. Such an Event Window should have existed a long time ago, anyway.


1. No Armor breaking, except in Raids and Fractals, since it is auto-repairable, anyway.

2. Make every refinement (Ores, Cloth, Wood, Leather, etc.) available on every Crafting Discipline.

3. Allow us to Glide in Dungeons and Fractals.

4. Add the final implementation of Jeweler and Chef 500 to make them equal to all other Crafting Disciplines.

5. Do a complete rework of the mess that is the whole outdated 2012 Condition and Boons System to a more modern and adapted system that works with the current state of the game.

6. Quick-use Slots, which enable us to use items from our Inventory except without having to open our Inventory during combat.

7. Allow us to use Mounts in WvW (for movement purposes only, and disable Mount attacks for balance purposes since they single-handedly deal 3400-4K+ dmg, depending on the Mount, in conjunction with certain Buffs they provide either to the player or other allies that would stack too quickly).

8. Allow us to Glide and use our Mounts in our Home Instance. (Why is Gliding and Mounting disabled in our Home Instance, anyway?)

9 Implement more fun and useful Emotes, and if not implement free ones for players to use, then sell Emotes on the Gem Store.

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@"Blocki.4931" said:The ability to hide and prevent certain UI elements from coming back again and again on map change (story journal) despite turning it off. Hiding achievements/Reducing Event description clutter completely hijacking the right side of the screen.

Adding to this, and to my earlier post, the ability to hide parts of the UI. If I don't want to see the map, I could toggle it off. If I don't want to see notifications ("your current mastery is ready to be trained..." or "new event nearby" popping up at the center of the screen), I could toggle it off. If I don't want to see that annoying extra slot for novelties next to the action bar, I could toggle that off. (...okay, so I just really, really want to toggle that thing off. Could it be optional to have it there, please?)

Or just to customize the UI. Change the size of certain elements, or move them around the screen.

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I am so happy about the novelties tab. I am reinstalling GW2 for the gazillionth time, except that this time it has a reason to stay. And oh no, now I need to go re-collect all of the novelties that I got rid of for bank space...Also, maybe we could get a novelty tab for books?

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Firstly, thank you, Anet. I'm slowly returning to playing again after a hiatus and I'm really enjoying the game again, especially all the recent additions (roller beetle, Festival of the Four Winds, Novelties tab). Great work!I don't have many suggestions, and probably none that someone hasn't mentioned before, but here's my list of nice-to-haves:

  1. It would be nice if anvils fixed armor just be running through them. It's their only purpose. There's no need for a confirmation dialog.

  2. When browsing the bank teller, it would be nice if the left side (my inventory) didn't scroll back to the top when switching between bank and material storage.

  3. When mining a node, if my harvesting tool runs out and I have another of the exact same type in inventory, could my toon instantly equip it and finish the animation please.

  4. When mining a rich node, keep mining through all three animations without needing user to keep clicking interact. The user can break out of mining if they need to.

  5. Would be nice to have an option to see more than the top 5 watched achievements in that panel on the right of the screen, maybe 10 or 15.

  6. It would also be nice if the daily achievements in the watched list were a different color from the long-term achievements, and appear at the top of the list.

  7. The roller-beetle improvements were appreciated but I still find myself using other mounts in preference because the beetle's initial endurance build up takes so long before it's useful. Not sure what to suggest there. It looks great and it's fun to zoom around at high speed. It's just ...very situational. Maybe if the beetle was fractionally faster at its normal (unboosted) speed?

  8. Would be nice if the beetle didn't have to smash through the volatile magic crystals to collect them and thereby dismount you. Once you get the mastery to collect the crystal, it would be neat to just drive over them and keep going. Or make that another mastery tier above the existing one - always happy to have new masteries.

  9. It would be helpful to have some indicator in the hero panel when you've gone over 100% condition duration. I'm trying to figure this out in GW2 Build Editor and it's clunky. Maybe you could show the actual number rather than capping it to 100% (even though its capped internally) or maybe show 100% but in red or with some icon to indicate it's over that?

  10. It would nice to have some options in the achievements tab to toggle the visibility of certain categories to help with searching/listing; e.g.:

    • Competitive achievements
    • Open world achievements
    • Story achievements
    • Completed/incomplete achievements
    • Hidden achievements (there is a wiki page, but it would be easier to manage if shown in the achievement tab to see which remain to be done)
  11. Could use the ability to see more than 3 achievements in the hero panel list of achievements-closest-to-being-finished, and to sort it by what's closest to being finished overall, not closest to finishing a tier.

  12. I long for a 'Sell Sigils/Runes' button beside the 'Sell Junk' button in Vendors to easily dispose of all the ongoing minor/major runes/sigils that continue to plague us.

  13. I kind of wish there was a 'Eat Luck' option in the settings I could turn on which would automatically consume any received luck until it reaches 300% and then the option could switch itself off.

Thanks again for a great game,Z.

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Please put the Orr Cathedral events/Gates of Arah event on timers like most other meta events/world bosses. You utilize the events for a ton of collections and yet without any kind of schedule all you can do is sporadically pop in and hope you get lucky enough that the event is running.. or.. when it's literally the last thing you need for the collection you just have to park yourself at the event and twiddle your thumbs staring at the screen blankly unable to do anything else or you'll just miss the event. It's not in the least bit fun.

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Lore book Panel:All the books you have read in Tyria, you collected, etc. will get there.

It could be divided by sections: culture, races, bestas and monsters, history, locations, characters, and such.

Eventually you could add:-More books on game.-Achivment for completing the lore books and meta achivments.-A title like: Lore master of Tyria, or Duhma abad.-New locations give codex notes in the lore book.

Friends panel upgrade:

The main friend panel can be replaced by a panel with a vertical list of your friends like know and at the right you could put a new addition:Can create several groups of friends, up to x groups.The player will have a "create a new group", add to a "new group" bottons and a list of the groups displayed.This is important because on game you get too many "friends" when you are active and after some time it can be both boresome and difficult to manage them.

Hide and unhide UIHelp us to get a clean interface.

  • History tracker.
  • Near events and meta events.
  • Game bottons.
  • Game panels.
  • Game map.
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@"bOTEB.1573" said:

@"bOTEB.1573" said:
  1. LFG Full Map Icons (If there is a group in the LFG but their map is full).

This is hard. How do you define "their map" when each of the four existing members (you want to be the fifth) is on a different map, or if they're on the same map, but they aren't all on the same instance ("/ip", roughly) of it. (For squads it's easier - you define it as the
map, but for ordinary parties, there doesn't seem to be a clear idea of "leader".)

The commander's map.

There's a small problem with that - Many maps have a soft cap before being 100% full, meaning that the game will block new ppl from joining it for a short period of time, while there would still be a few spots lefts - That's at least how it's worked a few years ago, dunno if my information is still accurate, didn't organize much open world mass content since mid HoT (Gerent).

Anyway, assuming that the soft cap still exists - Should the game take the soft cap into consideration? Or not? Or only sometimes?

How quickly should the "Map full" indication update? Bc when ppl leave, then there's a free spot for a short time, and everyone will try to join if you're updating it instantly, and nobody (Except for one) will be able to join the map, so everyone will be disappointed and will blame Anet for a "broken" feature (Bc it said "Map not full", but it really was full).On the other hand - if you say "Okay, let's only display the 'Map full' indication if there are at least 5 spots left" (Or 10, or 20, doesn't really matter), then nobody will ever believe what the icon says bc there might still be a few spots left, and ppl will try to spam "Join map" anyway, no matter what the icon says, which will make the indication useless

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@"Zoltar MacRoth.7146" said:

  1. Would be nice if the beetle didn't have to smash through the volatile magic crystals to collect them and thereby dismount you. Once you get the mastery to collect the crystal, it would be neat to just drive over them and keep going. Or make that another mastery tier above the existing one - always happy to have new masteries.

It already does, but you have to be moving at purple speed or higher. Watch the exhaust trail of the saddle. It changes colour from blue through to purple through to a sort of yellow-brown-orange (YBO) colour as you pick up speed. Once it reaches purple, if you can keep it there, you'll pick up VM crystals by driving through them. (In fact, originally that was the only way to pick them up because it wouldn't do it from the "1" attack-dismount skill.)

(In general, getting past purple to the the YBO colour only happens during and for a while after the "jump key" boost or on long downhill stretches, of which there aren't many.)

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@Jaidy.1824 said:Could we get a hotkey in the options which cycles trough the mounts we have, instead of clicking them by using that tiny arrow button. Most of the time i just misclick. I dont mean a key for each mount separately, but 1 which cycles.

There is a mount/dismount keybind available for each mount in the options panel. (So you can just use the keybind you've assigned to Raptor to get on Raptor, for example.)

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Here's an old one of mine:

I think a good QoL addition to the game would be the ability to gain access to ALL Guild Halls at one time.


You'd need to complete the mission to unlock each individual guild hall (which would include the fee of 100 gold)A Drop down menu would let you choose which unlocked hall to travel toDonations would go into whichever hall you were in at the timeIf you already have a maxed hall, but have unlocked multiple halls, you could choose ONE to stay maxed out and then upgrade the others (Any new halls added later would start from scratch)Why I think this is a good QoL Feature:

It's convenient to have multiple halls to warp to in various global areasit would add more gold and material sinks to the gameour characters constantly travel the globe, so it would make sense to have multiple Guild Halls-adds more things to decorate and things for guilds to work on togetherit would be a nice way to enjoy all the beautiful halls, without constantly having to swap them out

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Suggestion: toggle helm/gloves/shoulders upon entering combat

By this I mean adding an option where upon engaging an enemy, for example, your helmet visibility would toggle on, and then toggle off after combat ends. This should extend to gloves and shoulders too. I personally want my storm gloves to toggle on in combat, and then off when I exit. It would add a much appreciated variety and layer of customizability to think about when designing a character.

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I'm sure this has been mentioned, but...

It would be great to have a second/conditional helmet or head slot. It would be really nice to be able to have glowing eyes and wear the headband or hat I like.

No clue if this is a coding nightmare, but having a system in place where some head gear allow for the second slot if possible - like for bandit bandana that just hangs over the mouth, you have the option to equip glowing eyes or glasses in addition to that. For a full, face covering helmet, this second slot would lock, meaning the item doesn't allow for additional accessories/effects.

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Can we get a "join in instance/map" for the Mists Observatory in Fractals? Many times I've had to exit to LA, only to re-enter the gate so I can join a new party in a different instance of the observatory.

Would make it so much quicker to jump into a new group.

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