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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]

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All the following suggestions relate to WvW:
- Make NPCs unable to tag towers and keeps, only camps (I dont like that dredge cannon can tag keep and tower in EB)
- Keep stacks from sigils when changing border (major annoyance, discourages border hopping)
- Make keeping a tower/garrison tagged require more and more people (so that a single person with stealth cannot keep a garrison continously tagged for hours).

- Make camps flip-able for supply at any time (the wait is awful game design), but make the score take longer (need to hold camps so and so long or something that makes capping possible but not always give score)

- Make teleporting to waypoint from stealth impossible (can teleport after leaving stealth for 3 sec). This is a huge annoyance for me. Searching for permastealth not even knowing if they ported. Tbh, parital removal of stealth based on proximity is needed in this game. Stealth as it is now is garbage.
- Stealthing puts and keeps you in combat
- Larger squads, or squads that can share player position information. Maybe this type of commander to commander functionality could be really cool.
- Give penalty to wvw exp when running hidden tag, give slight penalty to wxp while running closed tag

- Redesign rewards in wvw to discourage afk'ing (make it go to zero rewards much faster). Maybe a unique stacking form of debuff to players that stand still for more than so and so long, that kicks them eventually, much faster than now.

- Give new / all players option to purchase a temporary warclaw or something like that. Maybe they dont find a group right away and start disliking wvw because they get run down by groups (with warclaws)

- Encourage border hopping when there is queues, by allowing players to go back to previous WvW map for the next 3-5minutes. It hurts the game mode a lot that commanders for example start on EB, need to go to a borderland to defend, get stuck in the borderland because of queue. Find less content in the borderland. Then log off from the borderland because of queue(s). "Oh so you wanna win? Well then you need to go and not play for a while".

- More skins on warclaw and siege.

- More ways to make the guilds more flashy in wvw
- Make all the PoF / HoT skills have better ground telegraphs. Some area of effect skills dont have ground markings, which is unintuitive, trolly and plain old awful.

- Make all blocks only have partial damage reduction or work like barrier. To much invuln, block, etc. in the game now.

- Nerf ACs, improve balance, reduce lag, etc. 🙂

- Do more work on balance, to allow more specs. Don't lazily feel ok that one spec per class kind of works (even though some are far superior)

- Make WvW feel more alive, with some back-story or similar, and maybe a story quest to introduce the spvp and wvw game modes to newer players, with some hand holding / intro.

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Account QoL gem purchases need to be account wide. I'm more than happy to support the game monetarily within reason but having to purchase bag slots for my alts is definitely mildly frustrating and fe

Be able to save dye configurations.

Again, can the awful Confused reaction (🥺) be removed permanently from the forum?   It brings NOTHING apart RUINING threads.

3 hours ago, Krew.3081 said:

Please put the bear warclaw skin back in the gem store! Like half of my guild wants to buy that thing for WvW!!!!!!!!!

I definitely also want this

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1) Wardrobe templates: It costs transmutation charges to save/edit appearances to wardrobe templates. Loading/switching between saved wardrobe templates doesn’t cost any charges. The wardrobe template will save all appearances, such as dyes, outfits, gliders, which piece is set to show/hide, etc. This will lead to transmutation charge sales since many players do not have enough charges to save multiple wardrobe templates per character.


2) Mount templates: The template will save the skin and dye set ups for all mounts. There should also be an option to call a random mount template when the player mounts. For example, when I summon the griffon, it will randomly summon my template 1 griffon, template 2 griffon, or template 3 griffon. This would give players more incentive to own many different mount skins.

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I'll keep this edited as I find things that bother me while playing.


1) I'd really like to be able to alter a bag's type in the mystic forge, similar to changing the stats of weapons and armor. For example, if you have a 32-slot Marshal's Pannier, but want a 32-slot Orichalcum Locker, you can get one by combining the following:


32-slot Marchal's Pannier

4 Spools of Deldrimor Thread

12 Supreme Runes of Holding (making it cheaper and using Anthology of Heroes would be nice)

10 Silver Twitching Forgemetal


Although expensive, it's still cheaper than starting the whole process over if you no longer have need for a specific type of bag, or lack the profession to make the type of bag you're after. It's a reliable alternative. There is nothing more frustrating than having a very expensive bag you have no use for. Making them tradable on creation, and account-bound on use (rather than soul-bound) would be a nice touch.


2) Add collections to production discoveries with decent rewards and/or titles.


The problem with discovering some items is they lack value (other than leveling craft), and you don't know what you're making unless you look it up online. A popular example are some runes and sigils. If they aren't optimal in any way, then why throw away great mats to gain a few levels when there are other better options for discovery that actually net something worth using or TPing?


Discovering every recipe a crafting profession has to offer should feel rewarding, but it doesn't, and is pretty pointless once you are capped unless it's something you need. Incentivizing it would give discovery more value to the account.


3) Make Rice Balls and other account-bound food ingredients more accessible and allow them to be purchased in bulk.



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Whenever we get a new skin we may not always have a free character or weapon to add it to when we get it so we have to either save it for later (taking up inventory space) or trash it (wasting a transmute charge later if you do want it). Sometimes the rewards we get from content is not actual weapons but skins alone and they all add up eventually. If they were weapons/armor then at least we could salvage and the trade off is a few materials but with skins, nothing. I was thinking as a QoL upgrade you could add an option to skins to either convert them into a transmute charge or add it to the wardrobe as a free change later on... think of the scarecrow finisher and how you hold hundreds of them as a consumable (never need the infinite one). If we could do either of these things it would free up so much space and make skins a worthwhile reward on their own even if you totally dislike the skin or have tons of variants of the same items (think SAB weapons).

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I just played through Scarlet's Ley Line cave area and was able to play as a steam golem for a bit.  That is just an awesome skin that needs to see some more light.  How about a WvW skin for the golem?  What about a personal transformation ala the Watchknight?


More Steam Golem please!

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Posted (edited)

Suggestion: Remove Aegis Special effect when NOT IN COMBAT MODE.

I'm pretty sure this has been suggested in the past and got ignored, so I'm re-suggesting it hoping that it will be noticed this time.

Everyone here knows how Aegis looks, I don't think there will be any issue removing the Special Effect of Aegis when your Character is NOT in Combat Mode



Since you already removed the Retaliation Boon from the game and replaced it with Resolution...
The new Resolution Boon has no Skill Effect.

Making the old Skill Effect of Retaliation Boon Non-Existent in the game. 


You can just use that old Skill Effect of Retaliation Boon to Aegis Skill Effect since it's no longer being used by the Game.

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It seems to me that PvE content is moving more and more to private instances with squads, rather than open world: fractals, strike missions, DRMs.


I'm not sure if this is the general direction of PvE, but I'd like to cast a vote for the open world system. My love for GW2 lies mostly in map events: world bosses, metas, general mayhem. There are already story episodes that are private instances. More and more, GW2 is taking place behind closed doors. Being able to join a DRM group randomly is nice. Wish that option existed for fractals. But still, I love how much of GW2 takes place out in the open. I really hope that doesn't change for the PvE portions.


On that note, I'd also like to suggest moving things like legendary requirements away from being exclusively available in WvW tracks (like the Gift of Battle). Those of us exclusively PvE players just sort of hit a wall with things like that. Given that 99% of Frostfang is to be found in open world with a few fractals, having to go through a WvW track for one item is more frustration than it's worth.


Since a legendary precursor certificate is a major reason for completing Return to Dry Top, I've kind of lost motivation to complete it. The finished legendary will no doubt require a Gift of Battle. No interest in the legendary locker, since mine will be empty. No reason to do fractals, since I was mostly doing them for legendary collections.


There's just a whole bunch of the game that stopped being interesting to me because of one item. I'm glad WvW exists for people who love that dynamic, but it seems really silly to force people to essentially learn and play an entirely separate game to gain access to one item they can use in the game they want to play.


Please reconsider this.



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Posted (edited)

Hot-keyable inventory slots (thinking mostly about bundle items here).


Current implementation of using consumables and bundle items is tedious. I've always wanted to hotkey my Watchwork Portal Device, Harpy Feathers or Throw Gunk I bought from the Skritt, or whatever other interesting gismo I've sourced from a vendor out in the world. They are flavourable, fun, but currently tedious to use with how you need to open your inventory and double click each time. There's honestly something delightful about finding a vendor, purchasing bundle items, then using them in your adventures; an MMO experience that feels somewhat lacking in GW2.


Could offer a lot, be very easy to implement (and monetize like shared inventory slots if so desired), and be an easy way for Anet to add more flavour to the open world experience. Easy to expand upon as well by releasing new bundles items, which with hotkeyable inventory space, actually becomes substantial "content". IE; by having hotkeys, you essentially recieve new skills for your class, and opens up an underused facet of exploration and buildcraft. Yes please.

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I will ask something that as fellow programmer i know is very very simple to be done.

In "options" I want a checkbox that gives option for skills to pop the description while hovered with mouse or not while in combat.



[] Show skill description while in combat.



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Please change the color of text for damage floaters when the damage is critical, so we can see in real time when our hits do critical damage.


Also, I would like an option to turn off the ALT + TAB window hot key to prevent accidentally switching programs, especially during PvP.

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On 11/10/2017 at 2:37 PM, jezebel.7054 said:

I would like to add to this. I enjoy dressing my characters to show off their streamline silhouette, even if they're completely covered up. Rather than adding more armor, because there's already so many I won't use or am so far from unlocking, Please can we have a button to hide the skirts on the leggings/pants? Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like a quicker fix than creating all new armor.

Light coats - almost all are fitted and don't have the butt overhang. There's quite a variety there. Love them!

Light pants - all except for the Profane Pants have a skirt attached. I can see the really cool leggings underneath but they're mostly hidden. 😢 I would much rather show those and hide the skirt.

Medium coats - only about three or four are fitted and stop at the waist. I love the Falconer's Coat, but again, would like the option to shorten.

Medium pants - Omg, sooo much variety here!! Almost all are just legs (and fitted), no skirt! LOVE them!! ❤️

Heavy coats - all short with no overhang! ❤️

Heavy pants - Oh boy. Only one is truly just leggings. 😢 The rest all have a skirt or something else attached and could really use the "hide skirt" button. :#



It's been over 3 years since this post was made, and everything they said still holds true to this day. For some reason, that I cannot fathom, armors have these strict silhouettes that do nothing but restrict character customization and design. The amount of armors in the game could increase by nearly 1/4, by simply going back to existing armors, editing them and providing us with a second version of them which will give us a different silhouettes . For example: (as seen on humanoid male characters)


Medium armor : Stalwart Jerkins. By  removing the lower part of it, and just following the already existent design line, you'll go from a having just another long coat to now having an edgy fitted jacket. Which won't clip with anything like the bladed boots.

Medium Armor: Aetherblade Medium Jerkin. By removing the whole train, and just leaving the top with the belts and pouch, you'll be giving this armor a whole new look.

Light armor: Aurora Garb and Leggings. Remove the train from the leggings and attach it to the garb (as it should be). Then you'll have a distinctive new pant, and top.

Light armor: Exalted Coat and Pants. Same as above.

Light Armor: Bladed Pants. Remove the train completely (but maybe keep the belt?). So much detail was put on those leggings, and we barely get to notice. And again this will provide a new set of pants AND a whole new silhouette.

Heavy Armor: Dark Templar Tassets. Removing the skirt will make the pants match more with other armors and reduce clipping against gloves and weapons.

Heavy Armor: Flame Legion Legguards. Removing the bulky waist plate/skirt thing. Again will make the armor much more versatile and less clipping.


These are just a hand full of examples. Female, as well as Charr and Asura character could have different edits.

At any rate, you still keep all the old armors as they are, but then have the new edited versions as well which should unlock at the same time. This is a simple way of providing a lot of new looks , without adding any brand new assets that are made from scratch.

Honestly I could talk for hours about all the assets that are in game that are not being utilized to the fullest, and that could use some editing magic. These are just the simplest.


p.s. some textures could also use some updating like that of the Stately Leggings, which has looked outdated ever since the game launched.

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Posted (edited)

We are forced to chose between 3 flawed indicators at the moment.


The first requiring 2 button presses to cast.

The second being cast on key up instead of on button press. The bonus of this setting is that for longer casts like wurm or warrior banners will always activate at the position of where your mouse was once the cast starts.

The third which 'should' be the best as it allows you to cast your abilities the quickest because of not having to wait for the key up input to cast but it has a fatal flaw of not saving the location of where your mouse was on the start of the casts and instead ends up where ever your mouse is at the end of the cast.

I recorded a video for example 



We need a fourth option which combines the last two, starting the cast on key down instead of key up and keeping the ability at the location of the initial cast.

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Posted (edited)

Remove the 'confused' and 'sad' post reactions from the forums. Certain posters abuse it. Thank you.


Edit: Case in point. Nothing like an attention-starved troll, put on ignore, following you around.

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Please implement the cursor suggestions that have suggested already in this thread, by allowing players to adjust the size and colour plus giving the option for an animated cursor.


Secondly, I would like a character selection screen overhaul by making the character list vertical (on the lefthand side of the screen) and giving sorting options for your characters, namely: last played, playtime, age, race, profession, level, alphabetic, and custom/manual.


Thirdly, I would like an update to the castbar. Add the name of the spell you are casting/channeling on top of the bar, add a numerical countdown (for casted spells) or a countup (for channeled spells) to the side of the bar, give options for position and size of the bar (personally I would like the bar to be bigger and higher up on the screen).

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