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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]

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Add WvW badge of honor, PvP shards of glory, Strikes crystals and DRM defense seals obtainable through the item "Tyrian Exchange Voucher".


Can't understand they aren't already in, they are all currencies. The item already give any dungeon token, fractals and expansion maps currencies, at this point, even raid magnetites should be given by that item.

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I think increasing the max bank slots an account can obtain from 17 to 32 would help a lot of people. Most of the people I know who indulge in account upgrade sales can't actually partake cause they a

Be able to save dye configurations.

Home Instance Nodes and Improved Economy Regulation(This section has been edited as of 2019-07-07.) Adding Home Instance gathering nodes to the Gem Store, so they can be purchased individually, has be

Also makes the armors sets locked behind reward tracks (legacy armor, glorious armor, and triumphant armor) available in pve.

As expansive as tier 3 culturals or double the price of them i don't care.


It is the shame after 8 years to not have them because locked behind anoying long reward track of a gamemode you don't play ...

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wow.. this thread got 138 pages of comments.. idk whether anet will go thru all this... but anyway lemme post my comment too hope anet reads it...


Please give option to combine stacks of "evergreen slivers" and "mordrem slivers" and do the same for the Fragments, Shards and Cores too coz double clicking 1000 evergreen slivers is totally bad.. I fear my mouse might break or wear-off and give some mouse clicking troubles... already trashed 2 good mouse hope the same doesn't happen to this one too


it's okay if thats in the form of

  1. Mystic forge recipe 
  2. Artificer crafting/refinement recipe
  3. A vendor that accepts n number of slivers for n/2 fragments(like how miyani accepts writs of exp to give us tomes of experience)


Thanks for your time

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Allow Celebration Booster to boost PvP Rank Points gain to +50% or +100%.
PvP rank only needed to unlock armor\weapons. Allow us to gather it faster.


After all, why it works for WvW?

WvW Exp can be boosted in many ways.
There is no single PvP rank points booster aside from Call of the Mists buff.
Also, from time to time in WvW on WvW Level gain players can get potion with 2500 WExp ( half the WvW Level cap )
PvP has nothing similar.

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I don't understand what you're suggesting. You want alternate sets within each template? Isn't that basically just adding more templates, since alternate armour and weapon sets are exactly what templates are? How would having them in the same template be any different?

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7 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

I don't understand what you're suggesting. You want alternate sets within each template? Isn't that basically just adding more templates, since alternate armour and weapon sets are exactly what templates are? How would having them in the same template be any different?

Kinda confused me too.But i guess separate WvW gear template, same as pvp, will be good.

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On 6/9/2021 at 2:50 PM, Linken.6345 said:

Perhaps anet dont see it as a problem.

They don't charge sub, and if you're getting this notification you've already bought the expansions, so as far as they're concerned, they've gotten what they needed from you, any additional playtime is money they're spending on keeping servers up that they're never getting back.

Sub-free MMOs need to be able to filter out their players to maximize the share of whales and minimize the number of people who never buy anything off the cash shop.

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Please infinite transmut charge. You click on the item, it gives you 99 charges like sab infinite coin but for transmut charges.


700-800 gems if you want, will buy it. Swear it on the head of all my characters. (11 characters)

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A bit of a wish list dump (sorry):


  1. Map Queues for PvE maps so players don’t have to spam join to get in.
  2. Grey out full maps in LFG.
  3. Allow players to buy Renown Heart completion with WvW currency or other.  
  4. Add confirm/deny hotkeys for popup prompts (“y” or “n”)
  5. Add black outline/background on item/effect stack number for better visibility.
  6. Allow players to track achievement dailies separately so they can be viewed innately while tracking longer term achievements.


  1. Fix red rings on effects that are neutral and will not damage players (e.g. reflected orbs on Fractal 99 Arkk).
  2. Fix neutral effects on dead enemies from becoming unblockable (e.g. We Bleed Fire on enemies that die before the effect goes off).
  3. Fix pulls on orbs (e.g. Keep Construct Core) so that the initial hit does push/interfere with the pull to make them more reliable. (e.g. Scorpion Wire on Keep Construct Core).
  4. Options to exclude passive creatures, neutral creatures, WvW walls from tab targeting.
  5. Option to ignore target for aiming while holding right-click/hotkey.  (e.g. use movement skill away from target)


  1. Fix instability Vengeance so it no longer applies weakness to players when aegis and stability proc.
  2. Change instability Frailty so that it no longer disproportionally affects necros by reducing their life force pool.
  3. Show AoE timer effects to all party members, not just the player with mechanic (e.g. CM99 Anomaly timer for Corporeal Reassignment).


  1. Add weapon slots (like GW1) for each template so you can swap weapon setups without having to re-customize a legendary weapon from scratch.
  2. Add pet panel to see pet status for player or party (Pets, minions, spirits, summons, etc)

Character select screen improvements:

  1. Search function (name, class, location, etc).
  2. More characters per page.
  3. Jump to end/beginning.
  4. Running food + buffs.
  5. Ability to Favorite characters.


  1. Portal Tome for portal scrolls and passes.  Let it set a default for quick use on click, other options through the right click menu.
  2. Fix Candy Corn Gobbler so that it functions as a vendor.  
  3. Frequent use item slots.  A few slots available on hud for items like siege and other consumables so inventory doesn’t have to be open.  Can add hotkeys for them.
  4. The guild bank should act like a normal bank to cut down on drag and drop.
  5. Allow players to move with the Bank Access Express open.
  6. A Noxious Pod home instance node.
  7. Fix deposit for Guild Hall Decoration items so they can be deposited in bulk.
  8. Ability to hide the drop notification queue on the side of screen.
  9. Add Bauble Bubbles to wallet.
  10. Add a faster option than typing out item name for valuable item deletion.
  11. The ability to search by number in material storage. (e.g. find full stacks)
  12. Sort Inventory option.
  13. Improved search categories/item tags (e.g. map currency like Blood Rubies, material tier/type, etc)

Effect Bar

  1. Option to cull non-combat effects on bars for enemies/friends so boosters don’t obfuscate important effects like auras.
  2. A squad UI option that allows players to see boons/condis on squad members in other sub-squads.


  1. Craft top level item if all ingredients are available.
  2. Make Mystic Forge more like crafting stations with more control over recipes (e.g. choice between 1x or 10x for Tonic of Icebrood Corruption).
  3. Remove the need to double-click items to add them to Mystic Forge.
  4. Ability to collapse all categories in crafting menu so jumping to a specific category is easier.

WvW (+PvP)

  1. Any guild with the highest supply capacity should be able to claim immediately so groups don’t have to wait to top off supply if the first guild in the queue doesn’t claim.
  2. Claim with any of player’s guilds without needing to swap rep.
  3. A Dragon Stand reward track with Crystalline Ore.
  4. A Silverwastes reward track with Bandit Crests and Silverwastes Shovels.
  5. An option to unlock all WvW masteries at once if high enough rank.


  1. A party mount that can carry additional players.
  2. Allow griffons and skyscales to use updrafts (increasing Skyscale height ceiling).
  3. Stop mount engage skills from going on interrupt cooldown if used in midair.

Gem Store

  1. Add account wide versions for character unlocks (e.g. templates, bag slots, etc).

P.S.: Bulleted lists don't seem to work...

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7 minutes ago, Ultramex.1506 said:

Agreed but don't expect it to be cheap seeing the cost required to convert other infusion into Mighty 9 infusion, you be better of buying that infusion than converting.

those stat change recipes are still cheaper than the infusions themselves though

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Have an option either for elemantalist to disable conjured weapons pick up by other players, or give all players an option to disable picking them up themselves. I feel so sorry to weavers that I ruin  their rotation when I just want to pick up my banners. Imaging clicking on 0.1mm wide banner to target it, or moving around so the game auto selects it over conjured weapon 😅

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The forum's ignore feature is awesome, but please add 'quotes' to the feature as well. For example, if someone quotes the person I have ignored, I still see the post. If at all possible, add this to the ignore feature as well.


Thank you.

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Please update the Black Lion Exchange Specialist.


For example, I received a license as a gift, but I already have all of the mounts for that type.  I can not send it to anyone else, because it is account bound on acquire.  I would, however, appreciate the ability to exchange it for a different type of mount license.


There are other items with limits. For example: bank tabs, which could be exchanged with a similar item - like character inventory slots.


This might reduce some of your support ticket requests.


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This maybe highly specific but maybe they can separate the Birthday Gifts into Character Birthday Gifts and Account Birthday Gifts (those one-time rewards), with Character Birthday Gifts based on the character's age while the Account Birthday Gifts are based on the account's age.

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Visual Clutter Reductions (Party Nameplates + Ally Effects):

Disable Party / Squad UI Nameplates (and Health Bars):

Guild Wars 2 has tons of visual clutter. "Effect LOD" barely makes a dent. There are options to turn off nameplates and health bars when we are out of a party or squad but we can't do it when in one. For accessibility, we should be able to disable party and squad nameplates (and health bars).


Disable Ally Visual Effects:

Similar to the above, we need to be able to turn off ally visual effects. In most MMOs, we can turn off visual effects from allies (that don't impact us), we don't need to see a lot of these effects and it just adds to the already crazy visual clutter in Guild Wars 2.

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On 5/3/2021 at 7:01 AM, RobMonty.3719 said:

Fix revenant key bug problem that has gone on for years and ever since i started playing like 4 years ago.

When you change maps, the elite skills tend to forget their positions and it happens randomly, sometimes not for a week, then all of a sudden it starts to happen all the time, then goes away, comes back, etc. (elite skills being if i think right) the skills on the right side. Not the weapon skills.

This is one reason why I stopped playing playing Tempest. Every map change resets to fire/fire.

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