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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]

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With CMs coming to strikes I couldn't help but be reminded of this idea I had a while back with CM modes.


It would work like this:

Before entering a dungeon/fractal/strike/raid you would have selection of difficulty modifiers like

  • Condition resistance for enemies
  • More champion/veterans spawn

More Health

Slower Endurance Regeneration etc


The more challenging you go the better the rewards. Add this with leaderboards on each content for added competitive spirit.


I've always enjoyed these modifier systems in games like halo that have skulls or other games with 'Mutators' and the like. 


There's waay more you could do with it . Depending on the modifiers it could even open up a whole new approach to build craft activating certain modifiers could make certain builds more viable. I think it would be a system that would work really well with the way GW2 is set up


Allowing people to better customize how machoistic you want to go. While adding re-playability to the content people most enjoy.


Let me know what you think or what modifier's you'd think would be interesting to see 🙂 

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I think increasing the max bank slots an account can obtain from 17 to 32 would help a lot of people. Most of the people I know who indulge in account upgrade sales can't actually partake cause they a

Be able to save dye configurations.

Home Instance Nodes and Improved Economy Regulation(This section has been edited as of 2019-07-07.) Adding Home Instance gathering nodes to the Gem Store, so they can be purchased individually, has be

Account QoL gem purchases need to be account wide. I'm more than happy to support the game monetarily within reason but having to purchase bag slots for my alts is definitely mildly frustrating and feels bad. It's edging in the territory of nickel and diming your player base.

I believe we are all happy to support Anet but this type of monetization needs to be addressed. Thanks for the consideration.

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I've made a post mentioning this before in this thread, but it was a rather long post and this suggestion might have gotten lost in the wall of text. 


I want to be able to name my mounts, particularly my Skyscale mount. I mean, we raised our Skyscales, and I just feel like it's a missed opportunity not to be able to name them. Plus, you can name ranger pets. So why not mounts???

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This is a QoL request for Legendary Armor, Weapons, and Trinkets.

Please add an apply to all legendary items check box for infusions. 

My reason behind this is I would like to be able to quickly swap from my WvW infusions to my Fractal Infusions without having to touch all my gear one at a time. 🤦‍♂️

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Armory suggestion: add toggle to also swap mount skins when you swap equipment template. For anyone who's serious about Fashion Wars, having to reskin/dye mounts when you swap templates is a super-big-massive pain and currently leads to just using shared color scheme between armors to fit to the mounts. Having the option to swap the mount skins+dyes when swapping Equipment Template would allow freely using dyes for various gear sets. 

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Can we please have an option for large enemy health bars for enemies when selecting them. At the moment, I am constantly getting lost of what I am targeting, the red arrow over the target is getting easily cluttered and lost. The enemy health bar would be the size of the party member, but red when selected and remain small when not targeted. sPvP already does this, having an option for it in PvE and WvW would help alot with targeting.


Example: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/692553778058100786/882759327109238865/unknown.png

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This has probably been said before, but maybe we could add a toggle in the options menu that makes the third autoattack chain attack's action bar is a different color so it's easy to see when you have reached the third autoattack chain. Sometimes its hard to visually count autoattack chains in a real fight unless you have developed a lot of muscle memory. So making a visual indicator of the third autoattack chain would help some people learn the auto attack chains easier. 

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It'd also be nice if we could get an option to show health bars for allies when not in a party/squad for PvE. Playing an open-world healer is rough because you have absolutely no idea who needs heals without selecting them, and pretty much just have to spam your skills hoping to hit someone who needs it.


It might help PUG supports in WvW too, who are sometimes out of squad.


Honestly, having more options for health bars all around would likely reduce skill spam in every game mode, and allow us to make alot better decisions when it comes to both allies and enemies.

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I was thinking again of the legendary trinket effects that can't be hidden.
As I remember the dev comment was, that it is difficult and they can't be sure if the effects would stay the same.
So some people think they will look into it after EoD, some think they won't because of maybe changing effects.

Therefore my easy to implement idea that would solve the problem:
Make an achievement to have 2 legendary accessories. This achievement rewards 2 legendary accessories without effects.
Same for rings, if you have 2 legendary rings you get one without effect.

It won't change anything if a player has 2 or 4 legendary accessories since only 2 can be used at the same time. Same for rings.
But It would allow us to equip them without having the effects. (at least if you have 2 of them)

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Gear transmutation templates


That says it all, ability to make skin templates and save them, just like current gear templates. So when you change gear the "look" stays the same, just as it does for the outfits right now. It may be that this could be a great seller on the TP as well. 

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They sadly can't be hidden that easily because they give some weird buff that causes the effects. Otherwise they would be hideable like the PvP and WvW ones.

An other idea I have heard would be an NPC that gives a buff that avoids these effects being shown. Permanent buffs already exist (Guild buffs). But this would be more work for Anet and less obvious for players to find.

The optimal solution still would be hiding by checkbox. I'm just not sure if it is planned at all because of maybe changing the effects.

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