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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]

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I've been thinking about the filter in the naming system. The name wasn't taken but I wasn't allowed a character to have the surname Yoshitoku. Looking at it, yeah I see where the problem with that name is, Changed it to Yoshikotu and it was fine.

What if we had the option to submit a request when a name is hit by the filter? Someone sees it and decides if that the person is trying to use a proper name that happens to contain a combination of letters that the filter didn't like, or if they are just trying to swear. And approve or decline. Could have it if they keep submitting obvious intentional profanity then the right to request gets revoked. 



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Account QoL gem purchases need to be account wide. I'm more than happy to support the game monetarily within reason but having to purchase bag slots for my alts is definitely mildly frustrating and fe

Be able to save dye configurations.

Again, can the awful Confused reaction (🥺) be removed permanently from the forum?   It brings NOTHING apart RUINING threads.

I saw the preview for the siege turtle and I thought this bar would be a nice qol upgrade for the rollerbeetle. Those are the 2 only mount that could have a really variable speed, so I thought it would be appropriated. 

I know there already is the color scheme for the speed, but that's not very precise, a bar would really help to evaluate the speed. You could even have the threshold where you can or not drift on it.

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In replaying the seasons of dragons stuff, I've come to realize there are a lot of cool statuses that effect the way the commander moves about through certain playable areas. Namely:



During Season 4's "Daybreak - The Hero of Istan" instance

 and "Addled


At the end of Season 4's "The Crystal Dragon"

I would pay money, I would grind achievements, I would do whatever it takes to unlock these as toggleable emotes and/or tonics!

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Just the skin, it's cute and the ascended item is a huge pain to acquire because the popularity of Vabbi fluctuates so much and one of the events cannot be soloed at all. Been sitting here for days just waiting for enough people to want to do the event to show up and at most 2 other people were interested but ended up leaving because no one else was interested.


I just want the skin, or make the ascended item craftable, something.

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Better Wiki Integration

Let me start by saying that the Wiki for this game is fantastic, it might even be one of the best in the tire industry and i want to give a huge thanks to all the Wiki contributors out there.


However ther is one big problem i still see about the wiki and that is the simple fact that it is still an external source. While the /wiki command in game is very helpfull it is not advertised ANYWHERE in game and many new players only learn about it through word of mouth, while others might not ever and than get frustraded with complex colletions or other ingame systems so they just quit. But even if you know about /wiki it still takes you out of the game, interrupting your gameplay and this is an even bigger proplem for players that only own a single monitor, as they have to constantly alt-tab between the game and the wiki to look things up.


Now, my suggestion would be to add a button to the right click context menu on items and maybe even Vistas, POIs and Skills, let's just call it "details" for now. That "details" button would do the same thing that the "/wiki [Shift+Left Click+Enter]" command does,

which would already be a huge improvement but... you could even take this a step further and instead of having it open you default browser it would open the page in an in game window. This functionality is allready in game, as to my knowledge, the gems store is nothing but a chromium(?) based browser window with some costum formating going on. You might want to condense some of the information on the wiki but a lot of that could be done by automatic scripts.

Like this the /wiki command would become much more accessible because new players would "stumble" on the details button naturally.


Now the obvious concern with this is "what about trolls vandalising the wiki?" but i think that this is not as much of a problem since the /wiki command already exists and the Wiki is very well moderated. I have never seen anything inappropriate on there and i have no reason to believe that this feature would change anything about that, but just to be sure a one time dialog informing players that using the details button will pull information from external sources that are not curated by Anet and that it could contain possibly Spoilers, etc. should be enough.

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When are you guys ever going to finally add the ability to relog into a LS instance after the game randomly kicks us to character selection for no reason? It's a real mood killer going through an entire instance and defeating the last boss just to get booted at very end when waiting for dialogue that can't be skipped to finish.

This has been an annoying unfixed issue for years.

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  • tl;dr - highlights in BOLD - Checkpoints in Story / Achievements


As someone who is going for the prismatic champion regalia legendary amulet, and slowly working my way through all 24 'return to...' meta's, I find it incredibly frustrating when my computer restarts without warning, because the CPU usage gets too high. It's my fault for getting a cheap Lenovo computer, despite being told by the company that it would run GW2 fine, and I have everything on the lowest possible graphic settings to reduce the strain on my really bad computer, but I can't afford a nice new one with good specs to run GW2 smoothly.


The best QOL update would be checkpoints throughout story lines so if a player disconnects, or their computer restarts every few minutes like mine does because of high CPU, at least players could get back to the story without having to restart the entire story from the beginning (and some stories can take a LONG time!! So if you disconnect or your computer restarts, it literally feels like the world is caving in on you because of all the lost progress).

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  • tl;dr - highlights in BOLD: Skippable Cutscenes


Another QOL update I'd like to see made to stories is skippable cutscenes FOR ALL STORYLINES. One scene for example, took so long that by the time it finished, my elite elementalist skill in which I summoned a fire elemental just before the cutscene, had died!


Some of us don't enjoy watching unskippable cutscenes, and it would be nice to at least have the option to skip them.


The main reason for why I want skippable cutscenes isn't because of the storyline / plot- sometimes I actually enjoy watching the cutscenes, however nowadays with my Lenovo computer, the main reason is because the longer my computer spends time running cutscenes, the higher chance that my computer will shut down and restart without warning as a result of high CPU. Cutscenes are bad for me, because they can mean the difference between being able to finish a story before my computer restarts from overheating and / or high CPU, or having to do the story ALL OVER AGAIN - and that's no fun at all.


In an ideal world, I'd have a good computer and I wouldn't have to worry about these things, but unfortunately I live in the real world, and I can't afford a nice computer to run GW2 smoothly. So skippable cutscenes, and checkpoints in storylines would be, for me at least, the best Quality of Life updates possible.

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#Visual Change Suggestion for Engineer!!

This is perhaps a minor one. And only a visual change. 
Maybe this can also be applied to other classes too but for me the big one is Engineer. 

It feels so wierd placing Turrets, Using Gyros, or Equiping Kits as an Asura.
Asura with all their Magitech and then the stuff looks like its made by a Charr... 
Can the engineer have fiting visuals for the Asura and perhaps other Races please!!

I got to this when i saw the new Golem from the new 3th Elite Spec and i was like Finally something that fits the Asura!!!
And then realising that it totally doesnt fit the Charr!!! Give the Charr a cool rustbucket like Mech with the 3th Elite. The Dredge mechs would fit perfectly for the char!

And perhaps look in to this and look at all Races and look what fits best. I think for most Races Scrap works the best so i get why that got picked. But please PLEASE give this Class racial differences to the items that they build. 
It makes way more sence lorewise it would fit and i know its a bit of extra effort but in the end its only a visual update and it doesnt change anything ballance wise! 

Btw this counts aswel for the Sylvari perhaps give them plantbased turrets also those exist we have seen them most of them are probably realy easily transferable Most of these turrets already have visuals in the game. So all needs to be done is add visuals for the Gyros and the kits. I actually do remember that their is i believe a plant and a magitech based flamethrower for example. Most of these can get easily reused!!

This class really needs this while i dont think any of the other classes need this feature.

This is for example very similar done in WoW where the Shaman have different totems per race and the Druid has different animal forms per race!

I would love to see this get traction

I love the game to bits Please gw PLEASEEEEE I NEED THIS!!! ❤️ 

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I know you're all working hard on EoD right now and I can't wait to play it, it's seriously looking amazing. Now It's probably a tired request, but is something I would love to see sometime in the future. You can download some really well made fan-made companion apps (I highly recommend) , though I would love an official one.


I'd love an app to access all things GW2:

  1. Inspect my account
  2. Event timers
  3. Trading Post
  4. Forums/Patch notes
  5. Build editor (like GW2 skills)
  6. Guild chat


The last few might be a bit of a dream, but I think it would be amazing. 

The fan made companion app already has Account Inspection, Event timers and Trading post which is incredible.

Yeah you can do this stuff in the browser, but c'mon it's not the same is it now 😜


Fingers Cross we get one, one day 🙂

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  • SirRocket.3516 changed the title to Can we get an official GW2 Companion app, pretty please?

It would be nice to have the option to seperate the jumping keybind from the gliding keybind.

As with double-tap to evade, sometimes this screws you over in jumping puzzles if you're not very deliberate with your button presses. Even when you get used to being deliberate, sometimes you might be sliding on a piece of terrain without noticing and when you try to jump you glide instead. Even though it is a minor thing, it is annoying coming from F2P without ever having this issue, being excited for getting the expansions, and now being stuck with this little gadfly that you cannot disable without disabling the jump key.

In addition, I have pains in my joints. I try to alleviate this through minor changes in my movement, like letting my thumb rest a bit on the spacebar. This worked perfectly fine while playing on F2P but I cannot do it anymore since it triggers a glide. Doing a more deliberate movement with my thumb exacerbates the pain if I play for long stretches. I can of course rebind jumping so I can use a finger more suited for that movement, and I might since this change might never be implemented, but I would prefer to have the option to just rebind gliding. It's seems to me to be a minor change, and it would greatly improve my enjoyment of the game.

Thank you.

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1 minute ago, Danikat.8537 said:

I don't see the appeal of companion apps like this for PC games. For a console game it could be useful, but if you're already on a PC you can look up whatever you might want while playing anyway.

Add to that there is possible problem with performance as those things now run independent on main client. If those things where integrated into client then it would also be more demanding to have it always running in the background at the same time everything else need to work during game play.

This game have been developed with a minimalistic view to keep as low impact on game play as possible with how UI have been very limited in customization and adding what you @SirRocket.3516 suggest will also need a lot of work to avoid getting servers overloaded and other issues.

API as they work now are the best solution as they only let external servers see (read) that information and let other sites or apps display it in the way it works today. GW2Efficiency as site have worked hard to make all this information useful and easy to understand as an example, but this have not come easy and without hard work from those behind this site. If we take Black Lion Trade Post as an example we know that over time there have been issues as Trade Post have had its trouble of the years and it mainly work as a browser to only view trades and Gems Store items as an UI in one place. A Companion as you suggest would either just do the same as is already can be done by those sites that exist and those apps like arcDPS, Blish HUD and TACO just mention a few or it needs to support communcation like BLTP do where one can sell (list order or buy) which means communicate with servers which adds another layer of problems.

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