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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]

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Account QoL gem purchases need to be account wide. I'm more than happy to support the game monetarily within reason but having to purchase bag slots for my alts is definitely mildly frustrating and fe

Be able to save dye configurations.

Again, can the awful Confused reaction (🥺) be removed permanently from the forum?   It brings NOTHING apart RUINING threads.

I suspect a higher jump won't be implemented as specific content has probably been designed with the Springer's maximum jump height in mind.

But a slightly higher, non-charged minimum jump height would be welcome, and improve the utility of the mount without breaking the game.


Whatever, I certainly appreciate the spirit of this post. All mounts outside of Springer still remain relevant, but Skyscale makes it almost completely irrelevant. It definitely needs some TLC!


I'd also like to suggest slightly improving the Skimmer's speed over water, and making its Hover High skill maintain that speed when activated over dry land.

Skyscale again feels more efficient to use over water than Skimmer in a lot of circumstances, which shouldn't be the case.

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Heck, if Anet at least made the Springer jump on button press (like the raptor) instead of button release, that’d be decent enough for me.

Ideally, though, I’d like to see a wall jump added to the Springer. That wall slide just really irks me.

I’m not too sold on just passively increasing its jump height. Something like a double jump may be fun, though, since it adds more interaction.

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2 hours ago, BlueJin.4127 said:


I’m not too sold on just passively increasing its jump height. Something like a double jump may be fun, though, since it adds more interaction.


Oooh, I like it.  Press jump while in the air and the Springer rolls upside down beneath you and kicks you further up into the air (way higher than the standard mid air launch).

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Hi, I have been playing guild wars 1 and 2 since release and this is just my suggestion.


The upcomming End of dragons is definitely awesome, even more so for anybody who played GW1. That being said, I think that I have a suggestion for improving awesome. Maybe it's mostly GW1 nostalgia, but the Fort Aspenwood pvp was something else..

It would be great if the dev team could come up with a historical battles mission pvp thingy of sorts that would  resemble that. The defending Kurzicks and the attacking Luxons with their siege turtles! And players would be rewarded with either Luxon or Kurzick points. Just like in the day, if you'd be fighting for the Luxon you'd loose Kurzick points and vice versa, and the points could be used for some sort of Elite Luxon/Kurzick armor skins.

In GW1 you even had pvp guilds based on their Cantha loyalties and it gave the game something special 🙂


I think there is a LOT of nostalgia that ArenaNet can use really well.

I think that would benefit them and the players.

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On 10/19/2021 at 5:26 AM, Svez Poizon XD.5268 said:

Wings are very cute but...
it seems very small and barely noticeable on Sylvari. If there is some way to just make them a little bit larger would be very cool. Compared to other back items(wings type) these are smallest of all and somehow do not fit on already smaller Sylvari character.

Take a look by yourself below -> and compare The Ascension size and size of these wings. Also i added sized suggestion in one of screenshots.


Agree 100% on the size issue (not just Sylvari!).

On the original Daydreamer's Wings they are even more too small!  (also, could the Daydreamers wing glow match your Sylvari glow color and timing please?)


As a second comment on the new cycle Skimmer skin, it still does the bored idle spin animation as the skimmer animal.  Since it's supposed to be a mechanical device can it have a different idle animation please?


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Shorten quote, add Skimmer skin
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