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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]

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I'm know this has been asked countless times but it deserves to be repeated.

Can we have a simple closing of the team/squad invite window when we click on the X? Just to make the window go away but not to vote to kick someone that was invited.

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I think increasing the max bank slots an account can obtain from 17 to 32 would help a lot of people. Most of the people I know who indulge in account upgrade sales can't actually partake cause they a

Be able to save dye configurations.

Home Instance Nodes and Improved Economy Regulation(This section has been edited as of 2019-07-07.) Adding Home Instance gathering nodes to the Gem Store, so they can be purchased individually, has be

An old post of mine got horribly mangled due to age so I am reposting and updating it. Kind of depressing how much of this is still verbatim applicable 5 years later.

Emergency Priority:

  1. Color Blind Mode! There are people who can’t play or can’t play all modes because they literally can’t see things like ability marker circles. Especially pertinent in raids and other content, although at least the raid markers also have shapes.


  1. Reduce the amount of excess clicking, ie the loads of useless confirmation popups (for banners, when you get items from the Mystic Forge or crafting, completion of story content where there is no choice to make, etc.) These may individually be minor but they add up over time.
  2. Account-bound gathering slots (perhaps for gems) for use with infinite tools or just so you don't have to take up so much inventory by having everyone carry 10-15 slots of tools.
  3. Full harvest by default. There is no reason to have to click multiple times to fully harvest a node.
  4. Always display stat setups, instead of forcing people to memorize what each is, ie Dire Vs Sinister.
  5. Add an indicator in-game for items that are salvageable for insignias, inscriptions and research notes. Shouldn't need to constantly look at the wiki or memorize for this.
  6. Integrate the equipment, dyes, wardrobe, mounts, and outfit panels into one panel. That way you can set everything without having to duck into multiple panels, and can see all the color setups before you have to spend charges. having them separate is just duplicate functionality.
  7. Make all backpieces dyeable. It's not great when you can dye the glider but the back it goes with doesn't match. At least for ones that have a matching glider.
  8. Let us consume multiple food/utility items at once and stack the duration, instead of having to constantly mouse over and check our skill bar (very useful for raids). Note this is different from the metabolic and utility primers as they extend the normal duration to match their own, whereas this is just stacking the normal durations.
  9. Give us a library in our home instance to store book items so they aren’t clogging inventory. Otherwise we just delete them and read the wiki if we want to go back.
  10. Tonic wardrobe, housing all infinite and finite tonics and accessible by any character whenever they want to use a tonic transform. Some infinite stuff is in the novelties, but not all, and not any temporary ones. Basically the novleties pane is incomplete.
  11. Show actual stat change amounts for the character you are on for percentage food on mouseover (ie show what 3% or ferocity into power will actually mean for the character you are logged in as). Otherwise it's very hard to figure out effects.
  12. Option to display account name or selected nickname next to all messages. Helps identify people, as most people are known by account, not character, of which they have many differently named.

Legendaries and collections:

  1. Rework provisioner tokens. This odd set of very specific weapons, armors, signals and runes that you an use to get them is awkward and creates unusual trading post patterns. Perhaps just something with a particular STAT rather than just one thing in the game, so it makes rares more valuable.
  2. Please reduce the extreme overuse of Mithril and Elder wood in legendary recipes. We use tons of it and very little of any other metal or wood, and not much comparatively by way of cloth or leather. Making things a bit more even (though not entirely as cloth and leather don't have nodes) and using more varied levels of material would be nice.
  3. Please rework research notes. They are horrible and have all the same issues as provisioner tokens create but even worse.

Classes & abilities:

  1. Animation Lock – Abilities with animation locks (ie Hundred Blades) should immediately unlock on hitting the dodge key. The need to manually unlock by moving a little before dodge will respond makes these abilities unwieldy and leads to TONS of missed dodges.
  2. Charge target locking - a number of abilities move you around, such as Guardian Great Sword 3 and Daredevil Staff 2. These have trouble with going Through/past the target, causing people to die by being flung off platforms. This needs to be addressed by preventing it from going past the target when locked.
  3. Classes with alternate forms – Have a way to look at the alternate form abilities without actually transforming. Especially pertinent for Druid and Necro, since their transforms are on a timer and have to be built up by combat, so it is hard to transform just to be able to read the abilities.
  4. Stealth abilities – An actual countdown or very visible icon would make stealth much more usable, instead of the simple status icon we have now. Right now you just have to know how long you have. Given how stealth works, something near the center of the screen would be more appropriate than a tiny icon in the status bar, since doing anyone dumps you out anyway.
  5. Engineer – Return from down/dead state in the same kit you were using when you went down, instead of resetting to default weapon.
  6. Ranger – Sword 2 and 3 require so much room and are so hard to control that they make sword almost unusable in areas with complex terrain and/or lethal drops. A slight rework to how they function to make them more controllable and less subject to terrain vagaries would bring the weapon back to usability.
  7. Alternate from reversion - Come out of alternate forms (Reaper, Druid, Spectre, Holosmith, etc.) with the weapon swap key. This is often much easier to reach and more natural to use that reaching for an F key to change back.


  1. We need a real queuing system. Being unable to tell what groups are full and having to spam join to try and get in is not a good system.
  2. LFG categories need to be cleaned up.
  3. Party needs to become a 5 person squad, to have access to squad feature (tags, markers, etc.) and to simply lfg and avoid having to break up and reform.
  4. Remove the size lock in lfg. Defaulting to raid squad and locking it unless you disband and reform is a major headache.
  5. The ability to split subgoups out into separate squads would be very handy for guild organization. Currently people have to set up, disband, and manually recreate squads which and lead to all kinds of confusion.
  6. Squads should always end up on the same map together when moving map to map.

Trading Post:

  1. Search for skin instead of specific weapons. Getting hundreds of duplicates due to stat variations when you are just looking to unlock and salvage is not useful.
  2. Search for locked skins.
  3. Remember previous settings (such as level). Avoids people accidentally buying identically names level 65 or 78 gear when they meant to buy level 80 gear.

Mystic Forge:

  1. Let us queue up repeated mystic forge transmutations instead of having to re-add the items and go 1 by 1.
  2. Remember forged items (MF recipes) so we don’t constantly have to jump in and out of the game to look things up on the wiki. The discovery aspect is only fun the first time.
  3. Let us just find recipes for high-level stuff like legendaries that we just look up on the wiki. We shouldn’t have to leave the game to play it.
  4. Let us access the bank from the mystic forge panel. Ideally this would function as it does in the crafting panel (and in conjunction with MF recipes), but at least add an access tab so we can move relevant items to inventory without running back and forth to the bank.
  5. Expand the left panel. We need more space for manipulating the panels, rather than a giant, mostly empty art panel that has no function.


  1. Let us auto-craft sub-items in a recipe instead of having to dig down and do every item one by one. This also avoids overcrafting since you can’t accidentally craft 3 of something when the final item needs only 2, etc, and would make it easier to determine if you can craft something since you would be told how many you can craft PERIOD, not just based on what sub-items you happen to have currently crafted.
  2. Remember selected sorting/categories in the crafting panel (so we don’t have to turn off crafting levels every time we log in).
  3. Start with everything collapsed instead of expanded.
  4. Expand the left panel. We need more space for manipulating the panels. Have subrecipes open TO THE SIDE instead of on top of things. Have the ability to open multiple subrecipes at once.


  1. Sorting options that are customizable, rather than based on what bag you have, would be a great help.
  2. Have an option to outline or otherwise mark non-sorting and invisible slots. Right now you have to either leave bag view on or arrange for your slots to line up just right and remember it, which can lead to accidents.
  3. Ensure that, if possible, when two one-handed weapons are replaced by a two-handed weapon, both weapons end up in the same bag as the two-handed weapon came from. Currently, the off-hand weapon can end up at the first available slot, which can cause issues with organization and can make it sellable and/or salvageable when it shouldn’t be if an invisible bag was being used for spare weapons.
  4. Key/map item wallet. Account bind map items instead of soulbinding them. For example the 9 map event items from Bitterfrost should at not be taking up inventory space on every character, and should be shareable between them. The current behavior discourages going back to maps like this because you would rather just not have this junk in your inventory.
  5. Cut down on the deletion confirmation, and make it contextual. Once you have completed a collection and the item has no use, for example, you shouldn't have to do anything to get rid of it. Same for skins for items you have legendaries slotted, rare items we have no need for, etc.


  1. Show fractal levels available on daily pane for daily fractals, instead of making us go into the achieve panel to figure out the numbers.
  2. Show fractal identity on recommended fractals.
  3. Rework Agony Resistance to be an account wide stat. Currently people are unable to adapt compositions, try new builds and classes, etc. because they can't either have that much spare AR lying around or afford that many extractors to move things around constantly. Essentially AR results in people being locked into classes and builds they may not want to play anymore.

Jade Bots:

  1. Jade bot cores need to be an account bound system. They are too much juggling and extremely alt unfriendly, not to mention extremely expensive at higher levels, resulting in most people only having level 1s on most characters.
  2. Chips need to stack. They are occupying too much inventory, which results in people not crafting anything more than strictly needed to avoid running out of room.
  3. Allow chips to be changed outside of combat. Forcing people to leave and find a bench to change things is very annoying, alt unfriendly again, and generally breaks them out of the game
  4. Add bank access to the benches to allow for easier management


  1. The turtle needs to be mountable in combat, needs to be usable in more places (ie the frost citadel in drizzlewood), and needs to be functional without another player. Currently you mount and have to spam "get in" in chat to do anything. Turtle should be MORE functional with a copilot, not nonfunctional without.
  2. Allow mount and glider use in home instances. And generally clean up locations of things (why is jade in back corner of Rata HI?).
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l know l will get flamed for posting this

l just can't get why aren't there pretty faces to choose? l am Chinese, and the new Asian faces they added for human female doesn't really look attractive. My friends also think the same thing. Why can't anet make an Asian face option like DVa from overwatch? Or just anything that looks pretty.

l am fine with having weird options such as that weird face with black ring around eyes, but why not some good looking faces?

l really enjoy this game,but l just don't get this. 

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to reduce clutter and prioritize damage info on screen - pls give option to make 3 digit numbers 25% smaller then 4 digits, and 4 digits 25% smaller then 5 digits. maybe another option for different colors would be cool too.

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Hello my name is Conni and i love this game with all of my heart ,,,, I was playing that other day and went to a play were i can read the books and graves yards  tombs ... I would love to see an achievement for reading all of the books and the graves yards tombs ,... I love to read all the neat things that io can write . thank you for a wonderful place to call home .... thank you for making the game for the players and giving something for everyone. Thank you for making the game fun and not dull .... I am truly happy with your game and very happy to brag about it ,,, I played swtor for 10 years i love it ,,,, But thay lost thay way and i am here now ... thay never seem to care about what the players really wanted ,,, you here all do ... ty again keep up the Great Work new ideas Conni

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Give us a tab in hero pannel where we can write our individual character's bio.

Then we could have a tick box to whether we want to allow other players to read it or not; accessible in the same drop down menu when right clicking on one's avatar/portrait. 


I think this would be very interesting. 


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I would appreciate getting the special gathering nodes like Jadeite-Vein and Petrified Echovald Sapling from EoD-Expansion for the Home Instance.


Just make it buyable for 50G+1.000 Research Notes.


Wouldnt be much programming effort, would it?


Considering the amount of money people invest for getting a full home instance, You would do us a nice favor.


Thanks a lot ❤️

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not sure if devs noticed but the dragon bash fire works are exactly the same as those you can buy cheap in butchers block, after saving the fireworks show... please remove them from both the in-game event rewards, and the black lion chest dragon bash thing too

the trait experimental turrets is actually kinda pointless for engi, elixirs do buffs better anyways, if ya ask my opinion we couuuld have them draw aggro.

also still hoping ele gets a buff, i feel sorry for them XD

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Could you please add a couple of Essence of Luck recipes:

Essence of Luck (exotic) => Essence of Luck (legendary)

Essence of Luck (legendary) => Essence of Luck (fine)
Essence of Luck (exotic) => Essence of Luck (fine)
Essence of Luck (rare) => Essence of Luck (fine)
Essence of Luck (masterwork) => Essence of Luck (fine)

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-Allow us to choose https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Backpack_Straps as skin in Wardrobe.

In other words: Invisible Backpack Skin. When you disable Backpack visual it disables it on all templates. For the sake of fashion sometimes it is fun to have backpack enabled on one template, but no backpack on another template. Example: Thief with Dual Pistols doesn't need quiver, but shortbow Thief will look good with quiver.

- Implement Wardrobe Templates (!!!!)

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Can we have an option to toggle on an auto-run indicator? If toggled on, an autorun is on, an autorun icon will show (not sure where to place it). I'm having to play one-handed a lot again. Instead of using aswd, I'm using autorun and my mouse to steer direction. When I'm being knocked down in fights (e.g. Dragonstorm) often I can't remember if I'm in autorun or not, as I am relatively quickly flicking it on and off during the fights.


It would be a huge QoL improvement for me, a player with a disability.

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I want to suggest a portal command skill for a new pet that would work like the portals from mesmer or thief , juvenile pet ideas could be something like a riftstalker, a "juvenile" prototype mech, a jungle skelk or something completely new. When the pet merges with the Soulbeast the player would get a shadowstep to targeted area like the blink, teleport and shadowstep. If the pet gets to be a skelk i would also like to add the first pet merge ability to be something like a aoe regen and condition cleanse, this would probably make the pet a support pet.

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Please, pretty please make Black Lion Chests good again.

In the last dozen or so, all I got was the same:

1 colour dye,

1 BL scrap,

1 BL statuette. 

Only got one single decent GS skin out of the dozen.


Their price went from about 20 silver a piece to mere copper peanuts.


Would be really good to have a chance of a mount skin drop... a little more often.


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I don't know if this was proposed before, however I would very much like the ability to show both weapons on my character, whether it looks like a train wreck or actually quite cool. Especially when a character is equipped with different types of two-handed weapons, to say a Big Giant Hammer(TM) and a Blunderbuss, the positions of these different types are actually nice enough to look good.

So I believe it could be an option, defaulted to turned off, and I believe many players would like to have this ability to show off a little.

Edited by JulesPetrikov.7920
I like doing edits! Also wording was a bit weird at the end.
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The only thing i want now is the way to combine all portal tomes into one item. Even better if it becomes a separate UI window with available locations.

At the moment they are cluttering up account shared slots. What i have now is Mistlock pass, LS3 tome, LS4 tome, IBS tome and with EoD release an Arborstone scroll. This is really getting out of hand.

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The personal story should start at lvl 5 instead of lvl 10 and continue every 10 lvls and then every 5 lvls towards the end to make it feel like the story is ramping up


Move the Meeting of Destiny’s Edge to the end of chapter 3. Move the instance to the entrance of Lion's arch from Gendarran fields since it’s a good midpoint for all races and doesn’t require changing the free to play restriction of entering at lvl 35


At the end of each chapter indicate to the player when the next story chapter is available to encourage the player to continue playing and leveling up


Chapter 1 LVL 5 


Chapter 2 LVL 15 


Chapter 3 LVL 25


Finish with Destiny’s End meeting with an instance star at the Lion’s Arch entrance from Gendarran Fields


LVL 30 Dungeons are available and coherent with personal story 


Chapter 4 LVL 35


Chapter 5 LVL 45 


Chapter 6 LVL 55


Chapter 7 LVL 65


Chapter 8 LVL 70- Further Into Orr (ends at Further into Orr) 


Chapter 9 LVL 75- Against The Corruption (Ends at Against the Corruption) 


Chapter 10 LVL 80- Cleansing Orr (ends at the source of Orr) 


Victory or Death Separated from personal Story and made repeatable 


Story instance entrances in Orr should be in their original location and not all in fort trinity 


The last chapters should be split so that the player plays through the orr maps and don't just rush through to the end, getting a sense of the personal story, map exploration, and dynamic events all coming together without backtracking and making the story more exciting by giving small breaks in between lvls to not make the ending drawn out.


Zhaitan Fight Change suggestions


  1. Double the number of adds from raise dead (across all airship fight interactions not just Zhaitan) 

  2. Firing the cannons have a 4 or 5s cooldown to make the interactions last longer (all airships)

  3. Spawn 3 Eyes of Zhaitan during the hold out phase instead of 2 and they have permanent Protection and Resolution making them harder to kill 

  4. Raise Dead continues to spawn risen throughout all phases until Zhaitan is defeated

  5. Aoe attacks near the cannons have an increased radius, hitting all cannons on the ship, including the left side that is unused to make the entire ship more dangerous

  6. Spawn tendrils of Zhaitan at the start of the fight with cannons and at 80% 60% 40% 20%. Zhaitan is invulnerable at the start of the cannon phase at 100% hp and when it hits the other thresholds. The invulnerability ends after the tendrils have been summoned and the reaching animation has finished

  7. Spawn 1 Veteran Risen Wraith, 1 Spectral Skirmisher, 1 flame caster, Guard, Juggernaut, and Wizard at 66%. Spawn the Spectrals on each cannon facing Zhaitan and the Rizen Wraith in the middle. Spawn with no animation from Zhaitan 

  8. Spawn 2 Veteran Risen Giants on the left and right side of the console near the turrets, 1 Veteran Risen Knight at the front of the ship, and 1 Veteran Risen Abomination in the middle when Zhaitan’s health is at 33%. Spawn with no animation from Zhaitan

  9. Spawn 2 Gate Guardians with a Greatsword at 10%, 1 using the 1st skillset of the high wizard and the other one using the 2nd skill set of the high wizard. Both Spawn Near the end of the Ship where it's broken off  and they must be killed in order to defeat Zhaitan. Zhaitan is invulnerable until the Gate Guardians  are defeated (would be cool if one is male and the other female) . Spawn with Zhaitan reach animation, same one used when summoning tendrils. 

  10. Increase Zhaitan's hp so that the duration of all the phases is experienced longer


The story of fighting Zhaitan is about beating it with military force and tactics, cutting its supply, communication, order, and beating it down with fire power in the Glory of Tyria. The cannons are ok to kill Zhaitan, but it needs to be more difficult to get to it and shoot him down. Zhaitan swarms its enemies with undead and the final fight should feel like you are fighting endless amounts of undead up until the end, similar to the battle of claw island. 

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Removed the black lion chest key change. Everyone hates it lol.
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  • lambo.6172 changed the title to BLC Jade tech jetpack back & glider combo needs some changes.

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