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Remember when no one wanted mounts?

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3 hours ago, Rukia.4802 said:

You still never explained how raids ruin your game experience 🤪


They must, right? Otherwise why would you be against them..

By adding rewards types that I can't get without raiding.  I didn't have a problem with anything the game launched with. Legendary weapons. No problem.  PvP and fractal legendary back piece, I got them. But i don't enjoy raiding and as a result, if I want the legendary armor that animates when I go into combat, the only armor in the game that does that, I have to raid. So now I'm a have not. I wasn't before.


That doesn't ruin my game experience. It just makes me feel that a game that was completely for me, is now not necessarily completely for me.  

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ANet laughed at you lot, then introduced mounts anyway. Now all of you are buying the newest mount skins on release.   So hopefully for the newest expansion, dueling will make an appearance.

"Remember when no one wanted mounts?" Not really.

The reaction from others to your post is largely a function of the tone you have used in your OP and in your other responses in this thread. You started with an aggressive tone ("remember how totall

3 hours ago, Rukia.4802 said:

Allow me to explain... 














Let me know if I need to make it more clear for you 😭


Also you should learn the definition of detract. Kek xD or better yet, tell me how they do.

You may not realize this but typing each word on a single line doesn't make a statement true. It just makes it take more space.

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17 hours ago, Rukia.4802 said:

Kek. You know they actually had to hire raid developers, right? You clearly have no idea how game design (or anything work related) works.


Steve the janitor does not do the same job as Fred in accounting.

I don't get why you attack this user so viscously.


All of you latest post in here have nothing to do with the original topic.

You already got your answer. The overwhelming majority of PvE players don't want any PvP content in their world.

Easy and simple.


So please go back to your PvP section and leave the good people of PvE alone with your nonsense

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23 hours ago, Rukia.4802 said:

Thats pretty selfish of you


Would give people something to do while waiting for the metas instead of alt tabbing, afking, or looking at their phone. Its nice to see blatant disregard for other peoples fun though, just because of your feels.

Wow, that's ironic ... he's selfish because he doesn't want to see something that isn't in the game? How do you want to label yourself as soemone that does want something that isn't in the game? OH right ... the same way ... selfish. 


Aside from that, I still see you are skirting the obvious objections to the idea. The fact that it's a low value implementation for a low volume of players who already have a solution to dueling. If you don't like the current solutions, the fix for that is to improve them. Ignore the reasons Anet devs have provided for why it's difficult to implement dueling in PVE areas so you can just argue your illogical academics to everyone is bad form. 


You're suggestion is bad ... from many angles. Even Anet has a reason to think so. Not sure what your crusade here is, but it doesn't make sense to argue about this. 

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