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RP consensus on the Commander from LS

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So, I can probably guess how ppl might feel about this, but I wanted to know how ppl feel about rping as the Commander from the living world story?


I ask cuz I have a main that runs the story content but also has his own backstory that sorta ties him to my main from GW1

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Fine in private or among friends/guildmates, frowned upon in public. I often see roleplayers refer to the commander as a fable or rumor because no one seems able to agree what species, gender, or affiliation they are.


If you want to blend both elements and play an original character who's also been to some of the places in the primary story, I've seen people handle that by having them be soldiers in the Pact, researchers/journalists exploring the aftermath of big lore events, or even having casual encounters with major lore figures (seeing them across a room, attending one of their lectures, meeting them at a tavern once, etc.)


Basically, just read your audience and see if it would be good storytelling before tying your characters to primary lore events and figures. You'll be fine.

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