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LWS 2: Echoes of the past - no mail (blocking progress)

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I am trying to replay LWS2 for the achievements and wanted to start with the "new" released ones. 


When I restart episode 5: The Ghosts of Fort Salma, the quest says "read your mail", but I dont receive any mail. 


The mailbox is empty, the Character has done all of the earlier achievements, relogging, changing maps and so on doesn't help. 


Any1 got the same problem? 


I know I can play with another character, but thats not what I want 😄 

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Posted (edited)

The character I was using to do these Return To... achievements is also stuck waiting for mail. There are plenty of mail slots left, and even removing some old mails I wanted to keep didn't help.


The mail at the start of episode 6, "Tangled Paths", is working, however. This leads me to assume the character certainly can receive mail.


Update: It occurred to me to check all of the messages in my inbox, including ones sent by NPCs as part of story. The "More Trouble at Fort Salma" mail was in the list still from some other time I had started the episode -- despite not actually playing through it -- alongside other story-created mail messages. Upon reading it, the story progressed. I expect if I delete it and restart the chapter it would also generate a new copy.


So I suppose check your Inbox for the appropriate mail and just read that copy.

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updated information, not blocked
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