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Our mounts need more NPCs in the world.

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Whether it's a wild raptor as a foe in the desert, or a tamed springer standing next to its owner (somewhere else than where we get them), I think the world would benefit from having more of them.

Griffons and skyscales already exist on their own, but the original mounts only exist as player mounts and that feel weird.

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There's a few events in PoF and LS4 where NPC's use mounts... And Amnoon has a bunch of them i think.

But idk, maybe it would be cool to update some older maps with mounts, but then again, mounts were a thing in PoF, having them in Maguuma or Queensdale as NPCs might be weird...

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They actually started doing this in Lion's Arch and later in IBS maps. People ride around on Warclaws in LA and Grothmar from time to time (as well as on the broom novelty) and some of the Svanir enemies in Bjora mount up on Raptor for their patrols.


I wouldn't be opposed to seeing wild mounts running around too, but it's sort of like horses in our world - you'll see way more in captivity than trotting freely down the street.

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