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This game could of been epic, but i think wrong direction is an understatement. Two busy trying to please everyone all the time.



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40% 2 out of 5 Stars   Graphics and environment are top. But there is 0 lore and the fixed skills are stupid.

6/10   1) Visual clutter turns the game into mindless and shallow mess. 2) Painfully bright flashing lights make it hard to play the game. 3) Anet’s negligence for various issues c

95 % - Definitely the best MMO I've played because it respects my time and money, has a great playerbase, and is fun to play overall for a variety of playstyles. That said, it does occasionally have s



Due to recent balance patches and what happened to the Icebrood Saga ending I downvoted my score cause it shows me how out of touch ArenaNet is with the community and apparently classes in general.

The game is great, there is a lot of stuff that you can do or not do, but the possibilities are there, I am just kinda sad that Raids got completely neglected aswell as dungeons, content which I like and still run regularly (raids that is) and I really hope Anet gives those modes another push with EoD.

Besides that the game is ok, the class balance is mega weird but it cant be helped I guess, have to live with it till EoD drops.

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PvE I enjoy but currently the wait for new content (aka EoD) is not my forte but whatever. Additionally, I'm not a fan of the living story episodes being spread out and would've rather got everything upon release of [XXXXX] expansion.

PvP/WvW, some classes are still too strong even since launch. Favoritism seems to play a heavy role in a certain profession(s). Also would like more variety in heal/utility/elite skills added to current specializations as oppose to a whole new spec.


Overall, a somewhat decent free to play mmo and would still recommend to others.👍


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Nowadays there is simply no other MMORPG I would invest into, and I am coming straight after years of WoW, also tried quite a bit of FF14 and ESO. 


There general issues with online games - greed of investors - is unfortunately getting more and more common and it is affecting GW2 as well, although to a lesser extent than other titles. I could easily list how is it visible in WoW, ESO, FF14, Destiny 2 and similar... It is less aggresive and disheartening in GW2. For now.

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The support from anet gets a 100% 

Graphics 100% 

Mastery system 05% takes ages to obtain them.

Loot drops 0.1% i play for loot, nice loot is priority and keeps me playing and enthousiast. i hate it that i never get expensive drops. i want perma hairstyle kit very bad. but the amount of time i have to grind for the gold is ridiculous. demotivation. this is the only thing on my wishlist ingame. i hope next expansion has 4000 gems in it like deluxe edition from heart of thorns.
(except mount licences rng) so as a loot player i want to be rewarded for playing. killing a boss is nice for a few times, but if i have to kill it 10+ times without any nice drops thats not fair. 

Cash shop can be better, all nice backpacks are behind rng. so 10%

And forcing tasks are also bad, forced to lvl mastery before you can loot a strike chest. forcing story to achieve something (skyscale, requim armor) 

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On 6/9/2021 at 8:57 PM, Firebeard.1746 said:

There's a ton of lore, it just isn't shoved down your throat, you need to dig into the world to understand/experience it. And what do you mean by fixed skills?

woodenpotatoes does tons of videos on lore for this game.

May i ask what this tons of lore is?


I play since the release and i only see:

Dragon corrups, the people who could fight it don't want to because they are fighting someone else instead joining.

We make them join together, the dragon will be defeated.


This plot repeats over and over again


How this is tons of lore, is far beyond me

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2 hours ago, Kurrilino.2706 said:

May i ask what this tons of lore is?


I play since the release and i only see:

Dragon corrups, the people who could fight it don't want to because they are fighting someone else instead joining.

We make them join together, the dragon will be defeated.


This plot repeats over and over again


How this is tons of lore, is far beyond me

Wow someone missed the whole Requiem questline in Jahai. I mean I could summarize wow's lore the same way: World is on fire, hero puts out fire by making bigger fire. The end. The only thing I'll give you is that achieves as quests means you need to pay attention to things people say and what you're doing for the achievement, instead of reading a wall of text, but honestly I prefer that or ESO's means of teaching lore.


Not tons of lore.  Tons of videos on lore.  There's a difference.

I mean where do you think the videos are coming from if not in content in the game? What about those journals I found in Bjora, or bloodstone fen? Is there some secret GW2 novel I'm not aware of?

I didn't think I'd be having a debate about this. I honestly was more curious about your comment on the action keys, but to each their own.

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Overall Score: 75% 3.5 stars.



The visual clutter/noise in combat.

story that feels like a step down from an 80's Saturday morning cartoon.



Combat fluidity and responsiveness.

Business model.

Sheer number of things to do.


Addressing either of the weaknesses would instantly add 15% and a star to my rating.

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Rating is largely based on it being a non-sub pay to play. Open world questing is fun, many events are enjoyable, but I find it repetitive at max level. Notably, I'm not a fan of pvp or wvw so those don't add to my score (or detract from it - I'm rating pve only basically.) Story is 
serviceable, graphics hold up fine generally. I think GW2 holds its own given the payment model, but if it charged a sub I'd quickly go elsewhere and the score would likely suffer more. It's better than most F2P or buy-to-play models I've tried, though. It's a nice game to jump into from time to time without a lot of commitment. 

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7.5/10  --- "worth playing"

PvE: Due to the aesthetic chosen , it has remained relevant even if the engine is aging. Multithreading should be worked on due to performance problems, I've even seen people report frame drops from flashy backpacks. Combat fluidity doesn't involve popping potions or other such consumables. Level 80 is accessible and if you're too lazy to level alts you can either get tomes from PVP/WVW or just buy a level 80 boost.
--- Living Story : I don't really replay these more than once or twice, but some people are really into it. As a business model episodes are more akin to television and streaming services. The bulk of the creative section of Arenanet (artistic, sound, and narrative) probably gets dedicated to it. An expansion needed to happen last year to have a proper cadence (2012---> 2015 ---> 2017) and increase playerbase via visibility and media coverage.
--- open world : not much to say about it, nothing amazingly different has occurred for map metas , even the latest Drakkar is limited in scope due to openworld having limitations. There's only really so much that can be done with an environment map with the engine in place. The addition of new mounts such as skyscale and rollerbeetle show they're willing to push the envelope even with those limitations not to mention the new ability to use skimmer underwater.
--- instanced PVE : raiding could be considered a failure because it was intended as a casual game as far as PVE due to the business model (grouping is more involved than it could be because you can't just "outgear" something to win it) ; fractals have had great success and the easier strikes as well (not boneskinner to be honest) ; DRMs are drawn out but the later ones are more mechanical than just jumping a wave. I believe Dragonstorm is a blueprint for scaling instances from 1 to 80 players, as Forging Steel was a test of 1 to 10 player squads with a public version.
--- economy: save for a few optional cosmetic items (see Khan-Ur infusion) I would say everything is rather fair.

WvW: has been put on backburner a bit but minor updates were put into place. The primary problem is failure to deliver on alliances or to split PVE balance properly. WvW is technically the main highlight besides Living Story since that's what is unique and sets it apart from other franchises. The uplevel stat scaling and 1226 WvW rank for masteries should be reevaluated if it is to launch on Steam. The reward system is also somewhat convoluted now with skirmish chests but that's a separate topic.
--- GvG has slight support now with EotM arena so I remain cautiously optimistic that the WvW mode will continue to retain the capture/hold and supply lines aspect (i.e. sieging or tower defense style gameplay). Many "fights" guilds have quit already so it was a delayed addition. The fate of GvG in general is contingent on the community at large and not Arenanet (other than balance decisions).
--- I think it's important to note that many MMOs have a gear progression where players have zero chance of killing someone that plays far more often due to the gear scaling.

PvP: esports dream has sailed and has intrinsic problems as far as matchmaking mainly due to low population , also balance needs to happen faster (quarterly or bi-monthly) to any over-performing builds. It had high potential but is held back. High level PvP such as mATs is plagued by "cheaters" and win trading ; unranked and low level ranked has botters and people just afking. If they removed the liquid gold from repeat Byzantium I think people playing hundreds of games in one season would only do it if they need ascended shards of glory or intended to get on the ladder and it would basically eliminate botters there solely for gold.
--- The key point here is if it were given more attention it would be far more like an FPS or other game where it is not reliant on gear but player ability (untapped potential)
--- if someone only played this game for the PvP they would have probably quit by now since there's not much support in terms of outside coverage / ESL / competitive teams and such

Monetization: other than the build template fiasco there hasn't been anything else that was extremely off-putting. 2000 gem mount skins may be pricey along with armor sets released per piece but they're all optional. BLTC chest items usually end up at BL statuette vendor.

I would say players that play often or daily don't realize how much has changed over time.

TL;DR: has issues that if solved would make it a 9/10 or 4.5/5 game.

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4/5 stars

Overall I have a verry good impression about the game, it is to apreciate how the dev's take care of the game and listen to players opinions, so here s my thoughts about a few aspects of the game:

1. GAME GRAPHICS: GW2 it is a verry good looking game but I see some differences from starting areas like Quinsdale even HoT maps and PoF maps wich looks so muuch moore beautiful than other, the texture, the lightning it is just better in PoF maps; also I believe Directx 12 should be implemented directly on game( for me textures on some objects with shades keeep refreshing from time to time while I move my camera)

2. CHARACTER CREATION: I believe GW2 should have a whole revamp of character creation, I mean come on A-net you put so much effort into all other aspects of the game and miss this, most players really pay attention to character creation.

3. PvP: I am not a players who pvp s everyday when I log in but once in a while I like to go and do a few matches, then I take a break again because if I overdo one thing I get bored fast, but I hear alot of people complaining about this area of game, saying that there are alot of hackers, so I believe it should be payed more attention into that matter.

4. OPEN WORLD: I play this content the most, and I enjoy the most but sometimes it feels unrewardy, like for example metaevents, after I finish them I get plenty of shiny chests of different kind and all I get are materials. I'd love to see more achivements like the skyscale one, It was my favourite time that I played the game, the whole thing from the verry begining, since I needed to unlock all those mounts in order to get it, and in the same time discovering new gorgeous places and doing events there, and then the jurney of skyscale; the satisfaction after I unlocked it was like nothing else that I worked for in the game, of course and the fact that I wanted it verry, verry much, actually skyscales were the thing that made my mind to buy the game and play it.

5. LEGENDARY EQUIPMENT: My first legendary: Frostfang, and probably my last. The jurney was not a long time of gameplay, but it was extremly demanding of grind, except world completion, but the mystic clover part and other materials and the precursor were verry costy( I know I can craft it but in some chases it is cheapper just to buy it). My point is I think people would enjoy other ways to get legendaryes not only by grinding; I am happy to see thise new achivements that you have to play the living world storyes in order to complete or gathering or do a bunch of events, and then latter you will get a precursor or a legendary amulet, I can not remember precisely, but what I want to point out is that this kind of achivements are fun to do.


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I had lots of fun in this game, but 80% of it came from playing with other people. The story is not my thing and since it is no longer skipbar and achievments get partly only the opener. I have no longer touched it. Because it was the most fun to play and talk about them with friends.

The game became increasingly grindy and dull in terms of gameplay.
Hope they will get with EOD again the curve. And hope they finally stop neglecting old content for new content.

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I have trouble rating GW2.  It's just so inconsistent!


For instance, I love the action combat system.  Standing in place trading blows with enemies in games like WoW or FFXIV feels terrible by comparison.  But then you jump into instanced PvE and the lack of support for proper healers due to the non-trinity design forces players to stack in a pile and rely on effects like aegis, stability, and healing to allow them to mostly ignore the basic tenets of action combat in favor of pumping out a DPS rotation.  Combined with the lack of fresh content compared to these other games, GW2 just feels like a poor choice if you want to run dungeon/raid style content.


PvP/WvW?  Again we have a way better feel to our combat system here.  It should make for amazing competitive content.  Unfortunately, ANet seems incapable of reigning in their horrible PvE mechanics to balance competitive modes.  So instead of exciting, fast-paced combat, what you get are constant disengagement due to effects like perma super speed, perma stealth, too many teleports, etc.  That's 1vx and smallscale, obviously.  Then when the group size starts to increase, it's back to blobbing just like in PvE.  Also again with the lack of content.  Conquest and arena for PvP and that's it?  WvW hasn't seen any love in how long?


The result is a game that is really great for casual solo play.  The open world gameplay is the best of any MMO on the market as far as I'm aware.  But if you want that hardcore endgame experience many die-hard MMO players are looking for, this game sucks, quite frankly.  All of its brilliant systems like maps, crazy mount, map, and class design, etc. feels like it just isn't enough.


And don't get me started on the mismanagement (Icebrood Saga being the latest and most egregious example!)...


I'll give it a 6/10, but it should have been a 9!


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I want to like this game as much as gw1, but the performance is very harsh and I find myself playing elder scrolls online as it is ongoing performance optimizations and my framerate in that game has gone up about 40% over the past few years. I really think gw2 needs that kind of attention.

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1/100 I give it a 65. yes its pretty blah blah but it has issues. Lots of things were supposed to happen and didnt, there is so much abandoned content. constantly running over the same stuff gets old, where are alliances? we need an actual raid finder, and a toggle to turn off all the visual clutter. An optimized updated engine would be nice. Looks only get you so far, you have to have depth to take it the rest of the way. 

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a 4/10 at best.


the game has so much potential yet nothing of that has ever bin used, they only add stuff but never really fix stuff.

in terms of RPG, it's a huge mess with way to many open spaces and empty areas that are filled with so much potential it kinda hurts seeing it wasted.

the maps are obviously made with the idea that GW2 is an open world but found out they can't make it an actual open world, so what they did is cramp everything in a small space with the result of a really cramp and messy world design.


the battle system has never really worked properly, with the added bonus that the target system is broken since launch it makes for a poor excuse of a system.

hearts are just horrible but knowing that they are last moment fillers i can forgive them for it, however, making achievements the main direction for "replacing" quests is seriously a kitten poor way to keep players busy.

the story is just boring at best, both the lack of a skip option and the fact that none of the characters are relatable makes for a story best removed and kept out of the game, remaking the story and actually making characters interesting is the first step on fixing the story overall.


overall i find the game lacking in quality, it has the potential for a great game that can actually overthrow even the best MMO's on the market but as it stands now it is more like the game is still in early beta at best.

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The 1/5 stars doesn't offer enough nuances. I will use the 100 pts rating. So per category:


Arts and designs: From artworks, concept ats, loading screens to musics and sound effects.

-> Solid 90/100. Very good overall one of the main quality of Anet. Talented artists. It isn't 100 because rarely, the loading screen don't really correspond to what is shown in map as example, crystal oasis or rata novus loading screen.


Gemstore: Items designs, functionnality offered, what is sold.

-> Meh 25/100. The only thing I care are characters slots and instruments. There is no follow up. The instruments are bugged since a good time and lacks half tone this is disgusting for an item cost of 800 gems. The designed outfit definitely has qiestionnable tastes horribles, most are just particles and look like nothing, would prefer outfit closer to ingame armor. The frost legion armor on gemstore is nice and would like to see more racial armors on hemstore, asura or norn or sylvari ones. Maybe all items have its uses, but i see no point in buying infinite tools nor finishers... finishers are the only way to monetize wvw and pvp? It is sad. Can't you offer skills appearances? fort and camps appearance in wvw? Wxp or protection or capture help boosts?


Story: Plots, twists, how it is developped.

-> Average 35/100. Can't put more after the horrible rushed not entertaining IBS finale.

LS1? Liked scarlet but there was no real line more like booms and invasions everywhere.

LS2? Still hate glint lair. Only liked meet the asura, this instance is genius and would have liked one like this for each race to show their origins how tgey met each other.

LS3? Caudecus and Zinn plots were nice.

LS4? My favourite because inquest or their tech in almost every episode. Joko deserved better, when he became threatening he got killed, still want him to burst out of aurene and killing it.

Kralkatorrik was ruined, between the ultralaser from aurene cutting a wing to the boohoo arc of i m tormented... woukd have preferred kralk to just be a non talking nor speaking fury like primordius. We aren't at teletubies, don't see why dragons talk to us.

LS5? Honestly grothmar and bjora east are gorgeous. I liked the light puzzles introduced with bjora west. Drizzlewood is interesting melting wvw and pve that is how i would design map. With my fanmade underground expansion I wanted to make a similar map underground where asura fight destroyers to hold positions and turn back on old asuran technologies. I'm happy anet made this true but with charrs. I like everything in that map. The north part is ok but the origin of the conversion machine isn't explained. In the R&D lab in the south it is said to be unknown tech and this plot isn't completed. Charr well maybe but sorry there is force fields on the device so asura? Jormag killed and inquest base and know their knowledge? Just assumption. Cause in old days a whole infusers and essence extractor was needed to transform someone into a minion so just drinking blood don't make any sense. That is when you started ruining the story. With champions it became worst, long instances to play and play and play again for achievs, bad rewards, not impressive story nor mechanics, everything rushed. We add a councilor without explanation, we create an alliance with kormag to disband it after, we transform braham in a destroyer then we revert it you guys don't even know what to do. To end with we have no ideas anymore let's nuke the dragons. I applaud your incompeyence should have put 10/100. 25 is generous. Expacs are little better. HoT offer good meta events like octovines or regent. The story let's say is coherent. Somes achievments are abusive like the ones tied to heart and minds. Boss shouldn't reset hp after killing you too. PoF was more chill, liked the story but here the foes are pain between djinns and hydras. Compared to hot the maps are empty very empty it lacks life. I never returned in pof maps since several years, sad because i'm fan of desert or egyptian themed environments.

If EOD is full human I gonna pass, I hate humans, I don't care of them in any plot or mmo. You have other races, use them. That is why I prefer hot over pof: there are itzel, nunoch, asuras, sylvaris, the pact, exalted... what about pof? Awakened? Just mummy humand. Forged? Just humanoid armors. Djinns? Just floating mummy humans. Plus human armor. Plus human plot of saving humans. Plus stopping an human god.


Lore: how it is develloped, the plots.

-> 65/100 Nice but non sufficient. There are ton of ambiant dialogues, interactive items in story steps or secondary quests about finding things like all the chairs, kill karkas of la, find rats friends for someone, collect shinies.... Even books in durmand priory archives about big events.

But there are still just so many plotholes that need to be answered:

-who is E?

-where is mai trin now?

-where is mallyck?

-who is overseer Kuda?

-what was the role of R3D-RAC3R and why she had two veterran inquest bodyguards?

-who is inquest high inquisitor maut? Its role?

-what is the name of the deep sea dragon why we didn't saw its minions at infinity coil zone blue?

-how auris weirdbringer got its aetherblade uniform?

-why recent destroyers don't have zhaithan or mordremoth magic in them like in ls3? No, they can't absorb it. See subject alpha and beta.

-what is tve point of subject alpha and beya researchs? Will there be a subject Delta?

-how Jormag killed primordius whereas it is primordius that has high ground as sern by crystallized jormag blood shards all around?

-how killing a dragon somehow free of magic its minions? They got infuzed. As shown with the branded devourer in grothmar, killing the dragon don't kill the minions. So braham should have stayed with a primordius look even if primordius is killed, same with icebrood. Do you see svanirs or icebrood exploding? No. Are risens not zombies anymore? No, still zombies, they just don't have goal anymore.

And god stop using aurene as plot solving.


So many to answers. Plus. How was funded in details the nightmare court? The inquest? Sons of svanirs? I want in game refetences. Outside of game sources don't count.


Maps designs. Look, ambiances.

-> 75/100 Very good. I don't really have things to complain apart kourna that is non finished with two missing lanes and gandara fortress that is just a fake paper castle. Bjora did well about creeps and shadows. Sandswept isles nicely represented inquest. Southsun is a nice dangerous island, meyrica represent correctely asuran culture, dredgehaunt show dredges grasp... really nothing really nothing to say, I would have made some maps little different apart that... 


So a total of.... 90+25+35+65+75 / 5


58/100. 5.8/10 Yes. You only pass for almost nothing the middle line Anet. And that is due of ignoring plot and lores holes and ruining the story with your champions and icebrood finale arcs.


I play only pve so this is for pve. Add pvp and wvw and your rate go below the half maybe 30. I don't take bugs in account because who don't have bugs? Balance may be an issue but i don't really care.



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