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40% 2 out of 5 Stars   Graphics and environment are top. But there is 0 lore and the fixed skills are stupid.

6/10   1) Visual clutter turns the game into mindless and shallow mess. 2) Painfully bright flashing lights make it hard to play the game. 3) Anet’s negligence for various issues c

95 % - Definitely the best MMO I've played because it respects my time and money, has a great playerbase, and is fun to play overall for a variety of playstyles. That said, it does occasionally have s

My rating dropped quite rapidly recently.  Why are they not fixing the bugs or optimizing the game.  Why are they not giving us true quality of life stuff, stuff that is requested over and over again, stuff that the game truly needs.

All every patch brings to us are nerfs and mostly unwanted balance adjustments.

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85% and 4/5


It's a game that was loved by it's developers, and inherited a soul as a result. It has it's faults, but you can tell this was a labour of love all around and it makes the difference.

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I've been playing since closed beta and have been playing MMOs for 22 years now,... honestly I always come back to GW2 because no matter how many I flaws I find, it also has everything that I wish for other games to have in one consolidated massive game.


4.75 / 5

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