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Recentely I am doing The Temple of Melandru meta event quite often but since the last patch on 8 june I get disconnects in the event where you defend the second bacon..... It happens to me like 3 times now when I did Melandru chain after the patch, and not even once.. I get a error screen to send a report to Anet and the game closes, when I return in the game and start killing mobs it happens again, today 3 times in the same event and weirly enough its only there during that event not during the rest of the chain... So I thought I would make a report of it...


Speaking about this temple event, there also still this bug where the Priest of Melandru doesnt do the transform in animal thingy when its killed a few times on a map and sometimes Izzmek get stuck and the event to get to the first bacon doesnt continue.....


Love this game and this meta chain so I hope this can be fixed

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