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I have encountered quite a few crashes as well over the past days. Today: First crash was while doing Meta in Tangled Dephts, second crash was after the Meta in Tangled Dephts, third chrash was during Spirit Run in Spirit Vale and fourth crash was during Sabetha in Spirit Vale. I had some crashes in WvW over the past days as well. I am running ArcDPS but tried without and still the game crashes randomly. Some people are crashing after using the refill mechanic of the mystic forge. I did that as well on Tuesday/Wednesday but I doubt it hast to do with that? Dunno,...the game doesn't feel stable at all at the moment. In never lag having strong internet + workstation but over the past days i laged quite a lot tbh.


Really hope they will come around with a fix soon.

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15 minutes ago, Mordeki.1706 said:

I am still crashing and don't use any third party applications as an overlay.  None of those applications are installed on my PC so that is not the issue. Sounds like support is just trying to deflect having to take responsibility for breaking their game to me. 

I don't use any overlay besides arc dps. I deleted it and still have chrashes.

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Crashed my first time during AB meta today. During the transition from Challenges phase to the Octovine (killing the door/gate up top) phase. Game crashed right when it transitioned.

-- 2 other people in my Guild have also been verbal about their crashes during other Meta's as well as in the middle of a Meta Phase. Crashes seem to be random.

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