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Can Someone Explain How "It Must Have Been The Wind" Get Credited

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This is an achievement in Drizzlewood, the text of which says "Escape from enemies 10 times using mount stealth" which seems simple enough .. be on a mount, get targetted by a sniper then press '9' to go into stealth.

Well doing that doesn't work, I've done it 4 times and still have zero credits.

There is no link to a wiki page for this achievement on the "Jormag Rising" achievement list page so I've no idea how to find out just what this achievement expects me to do.  What other kind of 'escape' is there if not from the cross-hairs of a sniper?

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?


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D'oh, my bad, I went there expecting a link for the specific achievement like most of the others do for the meta, I didn't scroll down to the bottom to look for notes.

I didn't think it could be from combat as I couldn't see how you could mount when engaged (since you can't!) I didn't think of that possiblity.


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