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Is there a clash between idle-time code and how single-player mission instances are handled?

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I returned to playing GW2 last year, after a seven year long hiatus.

While playing through the story, I ended up having to play most missions at least twice, if not more, thanks to disconnects. Usually at the end of the missions.

The one where I got disconnected while watching the cutscene after killing the HoT boss particularly stung.


With the recent incentives to revisit season 2 story content, I've been replaying these instances for the achievements, and lo and behold, I'm getting constant disconnects.

I also seem to remember that this was a problem for me when I originally played the game, so it's a ridiculously lon-running bug that really should have been fixed by now.


Do to its propensity to kick in towards the end of missions rather than near the start or middle, I've begun to suspect that maybe the game's idle-player code may be clashing with these missions for single-players.


I only post this here in the hopes that it might help ANet identify the cause of this long-standing bug that many of us have suffered through.

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I use the 'spam skill/move continuously' workaround.

It works for me. 


According the the Dev post in the thread, 'Storyline Disconnects', the Devs can't reliably reproduce the issue, and they need to be able to do that to find a fix.  Of course, that post was some time ago...   🤷‍♂️

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well known years old problem with no distinct solution. for me it usually happens when cutscences should happen. there are several threads about this. here is the biggest. you can try out the different solutions but it may not help. there seems to be an issue how packet losses are handled by the game when you are in a story instance. you can open a ticket to support too, they will send you stuff you can check and do. here is the thread:



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