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Will Legendary Armory Change How Wardrobe Works?

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9 minutes ago, Eloc Freidon.5692 said:

It obviously wouldn't be for weapons. Armor slots are only for one specific gear while weapon slots are for any kind of weapon. If they were to update weapons the same way as armor, then I can see cosmetic weapon slots added to the wardrobe in the empty space on the right.


Having soul bound copies generally clutters up a system. The way GW2 does things it just isn't design for it.

How would it clutter up the system? Under that system, If I'd have an X amount of legendaries in my armory that a character could use, I'd replace X pieces of its old gear with X soulbound legendary pieces, resulting in a zero sum change. I might even be able to get rid of more gear if I keep some extra pieces in my inventory/bank that aren't used frequently enough to warrant getting a new template for.

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On 6/12/2021 at 1:08 AM, Dawdler.8521 said:

Pretty much. The only real question will be whether the armory is as I described an NPC "vendor" where you "buy" owned legendaries or if it will be more like the wardrobe where you stack nonfunctional "skins" but can pull out legendaries.


Any other solution would be interesting.

From what we already heard it should be an additional function of the gear template system (meaning, you should be able to "link" items from armory in gear tabs, the same way you can now link item from one tab in another). That's exactly where the concerns about wardrobe have arisen in the first place (since currently the gear template system interacts with wardrobe in a very limited and very unsatisfactory way).

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